What is Islam?

The fundamental belief in Islam is: La ilaha illa Allah. There is no god other than the Goddess/God.
That means that there is nothing in between you and the Goddess/God. Nothing for you to worship, bow down to, envy, fear, give in to, lay down for.

The fundamental practice of Islam is: Acting in the way of Allah.
That means doing what the Goddess/God gives you to do. Living your life as you believe it is best for yourself and the world around you.

Sometimes that means helping someone in need. Sometimes it means standing up against injustice.
Sometimes it means getting some physical exercise. Sometimes it means cleaning your house.
Sometimes it means letting go of a problem.
Sometimes it can means one thing one day and the opposite the next day.

So how do we know how to act in the way of the Goddess/God? By constantly asking!

Go within to the voice of beauty, calm, peace, goodness, consolation and truthfulness that arises within all of us when we seek it. Many of us have never heard that voice because we only listen to the droning noise of parents, pop stars, politicians, and the press, not to mention preachers.

But miraculously, if you can turn all that off and get some time by yourself to spend in reflection and thought, you will find that you can throw questions out into the universe, like:

* How am I feeling inside? Am I happy?
* Are you watching over me, Goddess/God?
* What am I doing right in my life? What am I doing that is hurting me and others?

And miraculously answers to those questions will come to you - provided you are not afraid to hear them! You may get different answers from day to day, so that you have to continually return to that meditation.

Ask any questions you like, and debate with the answers that come to you if you like. Some answers will come and fill you with certainty and even sometimes an explosive joy and you will want to say "Yes! That is exactly right."

Sometimes the answer will be frightening and you may not feel ready to accept it. Take your time, and keep asking, day after day, until you are sure.

We all have within us a kind of receiver with which we can turn into the Goddess/God's frequency. But although a regular radio station sends out the same signal to everyone, the Goddess/God sends a different unique broadcast to each of us, and the Goddess/God's phone line is always clear and available for you alone to call in.

What about the rules?

What about the rules? The rules are only helpful guidelines to train you in the kinds of things the Goddess/God is likely to say to you in meditation. Sometimes the Goddess/God will remind you of a rule through your meditation. But sometimes the Goddess/God may switch up on you and tell you to break a rule.

If the Goddess/God tells you to break a rule that you thought was from Her/Him, you can ask for verification and explanation, just to make sure you understand Her/His intention correctly. Remember the Goddess/God may send you a different and contradictory message from one day to the next.

You can always ask for clarification. This is not the military where you have to obey orders without hesitation or question. If you have a question, it is because the Goddess/God put the question in you, and She/He wants you to ask it! Maybe the Goddess/God told you to break a rule, not because She/He wants you to do that, but because you were making the rule into your god.

Remember the fundamental belief in Islam is:

There is no god but the Goddess//God!

La ilaha illa Allah!

What is the Goddess/God like?

The Goddess/God is like nothing else. Any adjective you could apply to Her/Him will be true but the opposite will also be true. The Goddess/God is infinitely large - but the Goddess/God is present in the smallest space. The Goddess/God protects us - but the Goddess/God also destroys us. The Goddess/God is unknowable - but the Goddess/God is also the only thing we can know.

Describing the Goddess/God is inherently hazardous: anything you say will be at least half wrong. But the Goddess/God is also forgiving, so I will ask Her/His forgiveness of the inevitable mistakes I am about to make in describing Her/Him.

The Goddess/God is the Generator of all. This means that everything has One Source. By observing the diversity of nature, we can see that the Goddess/God generates in many, many different ways. yet there is a balance and a harmony to it all, because it is all One.

The Goddess/God is inherent in the world that She/He generated. The Goddess/God is our beating hearts and our hearts' beating. The Goddess/God is the blowing wind and the wind's blowing, and the churning oceans and the oceans' churn. The Goddess/God is the moon going around the earth and the cycle of the moon. The Goddess/God is the earth going around the sun and the movement of the universe that contains the earth. The Goddess/God is the growing and dying of the grass and trees. The Goddess/God is the lightning, and the fire that the lightning starts, that burns up the grass and trees.

What is satan's role?

The Goddess/God gives guidance to us all, always inspiring us with good ideas. But the Goddess/God also allows satan to give us bad ideas, and then the Goddess/God helps us to sort out the good from the bad when we go to Him/Her in meditation.

The Goddess/God gives us satan as a companion when we become physically or mentally lazy or too sure of ourselves and stop turning to the Goddess/God for guidance. Satan incites us and tricks us and persuades us to do things that cause suffering to ourselves and others, but that also brings movement into the system.

After that we seek help from the Goddess/God and She/He directs our reaction and response to the suffering that comes from our listening to satan.

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it in Faust, in a line spoken by "the Lord":

Man's work can all too easily slacken,
he soon succumbs to lust for undivided rest.
So that companion comes to him at My behest,
who tempts and pries and as a devil brings him back to action.

(Sorry for the bad translation!)


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