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Updated September 4, 2003

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful!

Links Page

We are striving to make these lists as complete as possible. If we've missed one of your favourites, or if you have any comments on sites already listed -- updates, corrections and so on -- pleaselet us know.
Upcoming Events: Events coming up that are of interest to the LGBTQ Muslim community
Human Rights, Legal, Immigration: Sites devoted to legal aspects of homosexuality such as asylum seeking, where to contact lawyers dealing with human rights, and so forth. Also Human Rights sites devoted to gay and lesbian people.
Islamic Feminism: Sites dedicated to presenting feminist viewpoints in an Islamic context.
Mailing lists, Clubs & More for GLBT Muslims: Internet mailing lists, clubs on Yahoo! and so forth.
Cultural and Ethnic Groups: Groups and sites for LGBTs from predominantly or significantly Muslim cultures.
Films and Cultural Events: Websites for some of the new films coming out on LGBT Muslim issues.
Nonviolence: Web sites devoted to the issue of nonviolence and peaceful resolution of conflict.
Queer Spirituality: Sites of interest to queer spiritual seekers.
Transgendered: Sites of interest to transgendered people.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at this time.

Human Rights / Legal Issues / Immigration

Islamic Feminism

Mailing Lists, Clubs & More

  • Queer Jihad Club over at Yahoo! for online posting of messages, chat sessions and more, 550  members and counting. Personal ads are discouraged.
  • Huriyah, A Magazine for Queer Muslims
  • There are currently 11 clubs at Yahoo! devoted to issue of Islam and homosexuality. Click here for more.
  • Al-Fatiha Foundation, a US-based organisation devoted to the needs of GLBTQ Muslims with chapters worldwide. Write to Al-Fatiha at Al-Fatiha Foundation, PO Box 33015, Washington DC 20033, USA; email:  info@al-fatiha.org
  • MuslimPFLAG, Forum for parents, families, and friends of LGBTQ Muslims
  • MuslimGayMen: The owner of this mailing list says, "This is a discussion, information, and support resource for believing Muslim gay men who wish to maintain their faith and continue to serve Allah SWT while they are at various stages of dealing with and accepting their homosexuality. The aim of this group is to promote knowledge, brotherhood, and a positive self-image among Muslim gay men throughout the world. It promotes seeking a healthy balance between our identities as Muslims and our identities as gay men." Messages may be posted to all list members by e-mail at MuslimGayMen@OneList.com while messages for the list moderator's eyes only, or business-related questions, may be sent to muslimgaymen@yahoo.com.
  • Iman: a listserv for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Muslim women and biofemales aimed at addressing common issues of concern such as financial and social independence, gender segregation, violence against females, etc; females only. To subscribe to Iman, send email to majordomo@queernet.org and type "subscribe iman" in the text of the message. Do not include any other text in the body of the message.
  • Queer Arab Women: A support group for queer arab women who have first hand experience of living in the arab world.  Queer arab women (includes lesbian, bisexual, bicurious, and MTFs and anything in between) - Arab FTMs - Progressive feminist arab women who are not queer   - Queer / straight women and FTMs  of arabic origins are welcome as valuable allies. - You are arab if  you consider yourself so. - Queer is anyone who thinks of themselves as 'not straight'   - Women are those who think of themselves as women. - FTM is someone who has a woman's body but dont think of themself as a woman.
  • TransMuslims: Purpose: An email discussion group for Muslims who identify as transgendered, and for those that consider themselves gender variant.  This  includes anyone that identifies as an MTF (male to female) or an FTM (female to male).  Issues of relevance to the Trans Muslim community are welcome on this list, including gender identity, issues of gender socialization in Islam, sex reassignment surgery, and Islam's views towards transgendered people.
  • BiMuslims: Purpose: An email discussion group for Muslims who identify as bisexual or who may be questioning their sexual orientation.  Anything relevant to the bisexual Muslim community can be discussed on this forum.  It is intended to be a safe space for Muslims who are bisexual and who want to meet other Muslims who are also bisexual.
  • PartnersOfLGBTMuslims: Purpose:  To bring non-Muslim partners (who are in relationships with Muslims) together to discuss issues of common concern.  The goal of this dicussion group is to gain a network of support amongst non-Muslim partners who are facing similar struggles and challenges in their relationships with their Muslim partners.  A partner is defined as a someone who is non-Muslim and in a relationship with a Muslim who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered.  LGBT Muslims who can offer advice and support are welcomed

  • to join.
  • LGBTQMuslimYouth:  Purpose:  To create a safe space for Muslim youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Youth is defined as anyone 25 and under.  Discussion topics include coming out to parents and family, and issues faced at the mosque and in school with peers and friends.  Young people who are Muslims and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or who may be questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity are welcomed to join.  Subscriptions are not screened, so all subscribers are requested to respect the confidentiality of the group and only subscribe if you are a young person 25 and under.

Films and Cultural Events


Cultural and Ethnic Groups


Queer Spirituality