Enter the Stream

Life is a river. The currents carry you along. Why do you resist? Why not enter the stream willingly? Why not trust the universe to take care of you?

The birds never worry about tomorrow, Jesus said. God provides. Will he not provide for you?

The universe knows what it wants from you, and each day, every day, gives you opportunities to respond. Why do you ignore them? Have you ever been in a book store and, of all the thousands of books available, one particular book "called" out to you? And, upon reading that book, you learned something quite valuable, something you needed to learn at that particular point in time? This is nothing more than universe taking care of you.

Have you not seen, time and again, when things seemed most hopeless, that a door was opened, a way provided, a helping hand came along just when it was needed? This is the universe taking care of you.

You have met, and you will meet in the future, certain people who will point out the path to you, who will reveal things to you about yourself, who will set in motion certain thoughts, certain desires, open your eyes to certain possibilities. This is the universe talking to you. Will you listen?

When you look back upon your life, do you not see that everything  has a purpose, everything has led to a certain moment, a certain situation, a certain state of being? Even your suffering - has it not forced you into certain frames of mind that led to a greater good.

Enter the stream. Don't resist. Listen to the universe. Listen to what people are saying to you. Follow your heart, your stomach, your instinct. Don't confuse things with too much thinking - this is always a problem.

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