It's okay to be gay

You are what you are. Why resist? Has resisting ever changed a homosexual into a heterosexual? Why do you resist what you are? Are you not happy with what God has given you?

Give up your resistance. It's foolish. You are wasting time.

It's okay to be gay. How could it be otherwise? It's okay to have blond hair, to be left handed, to be athletic. It's okay to be gay.

Homosexuality is biology, genes, chemicals, hormones. One day the scientists will figure it out. Don't wait, don't waste your time waiting, it will make no difference. Those who hate you now will still hate you regardless.

You can never be anything else but gay. You cannot choose another path - the path is already chosen. You cannot undo what God has done. Why try? You are what you are supposed to be.

Can you make yourself taller by wishing for it? Can you make yourself thinner by hoping for it? This is foolish. This is wasting time.

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