The New and Improved Sulayman X
It's time for me to come clean and confess that I can no longer consider myself a Muslim.

Despite years of effort, I can find no way to reconcile Islamic teaching on homosexuality (and sex, in general) with my own reality of being a gay man. In fact, I cannot, in conscience, accept Islamic teachings on sex: I do not believe in polygamy; I do not believe it is moral to force one's female slaves into accepting your sexual advances (among more intelligent people, this is known as rape); I do not believe each person must be straight and married and make babies; I do not believe Paradise will be filled with beautiful babes ready to service you for eternity; I do not believe a Muslim husband has the right to 'lightly beat' his wife; I do not believe anyone should be stoned to death for adultery, much less that homosexuals should be killed 'wherever you find them'.

All of this is repulsive to me, and sticks in my throat like broken glass.

I have tried - believe me, I have tried - to separate out the Arabic cultural nonsense from the real Islam, to look at the broad picture, to ignore questionable verses in the Quran, to ignore my own doubts about a God that, time and again, reportedly destroys this and that community for whatever reasons (including the community of Lut).

The point is this: I cannot worship a 'god' that created me as a homosexual being, and then will destroy me for being what he made me to be. This is utter nonsense.

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