What your homophobia says about you

Sulayman X
I was ill-prepared for the amount of hatred and animosity this Web site would stir up among Muslims. I had no idea of the depths of this hatred or how passionately angry Muslims could get about the issue of homosexuality.

But now, a year down the road and thousands of hate mails later, I've come to some conclusions about what all this hatred and homophobia says about those who are afflicted with it. Such as:

I could go on and on but you get the point.

It is most interesting to note that of the thousands of messages I have received, very few -- less than 3, in fact -- were actually sincere attempts by concerned Muslims to engage in an honest debate on the issue of homosexuality. Most messages conveyed the idea that I was such a worthless pervert that any attempt at discussing the issue was a waste of time.

The second most common type of message came from the "catechism cads" who repeated, as if by rote, what they had heard by someone or other about homosexuality and had assumed -- and were demanding that I believe -- that it was completely and totally true, that it was somehow so completely self-evident that only the most perverse soul could dispute it. A typical message along these lines: "Allah destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah so homosexuality must be wrong." No attempt is made to understand the story or to come to a conclusion as to what the "sin" of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah actually was; no attempt to answer why the details of the story change from one telling to the next in the Qur'an; no attempt to respond to the argument that while the homosexuals of those two cities may have indeed "exceeded the bounds" that did not necessarily mean all homosexuals everywhere did; and no attempt to distinguish between homosexual activity and the homosexual himself.

Another major type of message has been the "homosexuality is a test" line of thinking which purports to say homosexuals have been singled out by Allah to be "tested" -- to see whether they will remain true to Islam, or give in to their vile lusts. If this is so, then why do Muslims continue to foster hatred and discrimination for the ones being singled out for this "test"? And does Allah play these types of games with the creates He creates?

Homophobia says a great deal about the homophobic person, and not necessarily very much about the homosexual. Those spewing their vile hate should pause to think about it first.

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