MacLAME is a very quick effort to make the fine work of the LAME group available on the Macintosh/PPC platform.  Click below to download the latest source patches + build instructions.  You will need to visit the LAME homepage to obtain the rest of the source files to build MacLAME.  The beta download directory is located here.

Please allow me to explain the rationale behind the MacLAME project.  First, it is hoped that the availability of these patches will allow developers to create a variety of interesting mp3-based applications.  Second, the LAME project itself relies upon the cooperative efforts and dedication of a remarkably talented group of individuals working on many platforms.  It is hoped that the availability of MacOS-compilable source will encourage the participation of developers who may prefer to work under MacOS.

In its own right, MacLAME is not intended to be an application which will satisfy the needs of end users.  The code needed to build a skeleton encoder application is included for testing purposes only.  I hope that MacLAME will become the basis for more robust applications in the near future.  Please stay tuned.

To really find out what's going on with LAME, or to get involved in development, check out the LAME homepage.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have been evicted from my home and office space as of 31 March 2000.  It is necessary to take the MacLAME site offline until I have completed my relocation.  Please watch this location for the latest news.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your interest in MacLAME.

See you again soon,

-ben "jacobs" <random at well.com>

(LAME banner appears courtesy of Chuck Zenkus)

Currently available downloads (binaries):

Source downloads (mac-specific source patches + build instructions):
PLEASE NOTE -- these archives include NO EXECUTABLE BINARIES