Reva Basch







Summary of Skills and Experience:


• Consulting to the information industry on product design, marketing, training and other issues


• Writing and editing books, journal articles, research reports, technical documentation and marketing literature


• Computer-based research in all subject areas


Employment History:


July 1986 - present: President, Aubergine Information Services, Berkeley and The Sea Ranch, CA

Consulting to the online information industry. Writing and editing. Training in online search techniques. Online searching in business, technology, medicine and other subject areas. Data analysis and report preparation.


June - July 1988: Online search consultant. Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA

          Online searching in a high-volume, rapid turnaround corporate environment.


July 1986 - June 1988: Software Designer, Mead Data Central, Personal Computer Systems Group, Menlo Park,  CA

Designed user interface software for searching Nexis/Lexis online service via personal computer.


April 1981 - July 1986: Information on Demand, Berkeley, CA

          Vice President & Director of Research (October 1985 - July 1986)

          Director of Research (December 1983 - July 1986)

          Assistant Director of Research (April 1982 - December 1983)

          Research Associate (April 1981 - April 1982)


Administered research department of for-profit custom information service. Supervised professional staff.

Conducted and supervised secondary research projects on a wide variety of technical and business-related topics. Searched 14 online services. Wrote and edited research reports. Edited client newsletter.


February - August 1981: Consultant, Micro Courseware Corp., San Francisco, CA

          Designed and wrote user manuals for Apple II-based educational software products.


April 1980 - April 1981: Technical Librarian, NuTech, San Jose, CA

Planned and developed corporate library for startup engineering consulting firm in electric utility market. Conducted computer-based and manual research. Edited engineering staff reports for client and regulatory commission presentations.


September 1973 - February 1979: Technical Information Specialist, Gilbert Associates, Inc., Reading, PA

Coordinated all phases of library operations for the Utilities Division of a 3000-employee engineering firm. Supervised professional (4) and non-professional (6) staff. Developed information center procedures manual. Produced monthly newsletter.


August 1971 - July 1972: Head Librarian, Cogswell College, San Francisco, CA

Organized and maintained technical library in support of engineering technology curriculum.




University of Pittsburgh, 1965 - 1966


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1966 - 1969: BA, English Literature, summa cum laude. Phi Beta Kappa


University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, 1970 - 1971: Master of Library Science (MLS)


Professional Activities, Affiliations and Honors:


Writing and Editing:


"Reva’s (W)rap" Columnist, Online (1998-2000)

Travel columnist, eBay Magazine (1999-2000)

Contributing Editor, The Information Advisor (1989-1998)

"Critic’s Corner" Columnist, Cyberskeptic’s Guide to Internet Research (1998)

News Editor, Online, Database and Online User (1996-1997)

"Compleat Searcher" Columnist, Online User (1995-1997)

"Cybernaut" Columnist, Computer Life (1995-1997)

See under Publications for books, articles, etc.





Association of Independent Information Professionals (President, 1991-92)


Special Libraries Association (Former; Program Chair, San Francisco Bay Region Chapter, 1993-94; Fundraising Chair, 1991-92)


Association of Information & Dissemination Centers (Former; Director at Large, 1995-97)


Information Bay Area (Defunct; Co-founder)


Southern California Online Users Group




UMI/Data Courier Award for best paper published in an Online, Inc. journal, 1990.


Dun & Bradstreet Online Champion Award, 1993


Publications by Reva Basch (Partial List)




Executive Editor, Super Searcher book series. 12 titles in print. Information Today, Inc.


Researching Online For Dummies, 2nd ed., with Mary Ellen Bates. IDG Books/Dummies Press, 2000.


Researching Online For Dummies. IDG Books/Dummies Press, 1998.


Secrets of the Super Net Searchers. Wilton, CT, Pemberton Press, 1996.


Electronic Information Delivery: Ensuring quality and value. Aldershot, UK, Gower Publishing Ltd., 1995.


Secrets of the Super Searchers. Wilton, CT, Pemberton Press, 1993.


Book Chapters:


"An independent information professional," Chapter 30 in Sellen, Betty-Carol, What Else You Can Do With a Library Degree," Neal-Schuman, 1997.


"A visit to The WELL," Chapter 6, and "Seek and Ye Shall Find," Chapter 10, in Kane, Pamela, ed., The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Electronic Highway. Holt:MIS Press, 1994.




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Presentations by Reva Basch (Partial List)


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