"User/Customer Experience" Practice, Management, & Organizational Strategy
(with a major focus on social innovation)

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BayCHI Program Series (developed by Richard)
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  • June '03
    DUX reDUX: Commentary on the State of DUX (Designing for User Experiences) based, in part, on DUX 2003
    Richard Anderson,
    Riander, Lauralee Alben, AlbenDesign, Hugh Dubberly, Dubberly Design Office, Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path, & John Zapolski, Wells Fargo

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  • October '02
    ISO Standards for Usability? Painful Restrictions or Helpful Guidelines?
    Thomas Geis,
    TUV Rheinland
    The BMW 745i and AUDI A8: If Only the Interface was as Well-Designed as the Suspension
    Jef Raskin

    Using Design Patterns to Create Customer-Centered Web Sites
    Doug van Duyne,
    NetRaker Corp., James Landay & Jason Hong, Group for User Interface Research, UC Berkeley

  • September '02
    Open Source Meets Usability
    Nancy Frishberg,
    Sun Microsystems, Peter Trudelle, Netscape Communications/AOL Time Warner, & Scooter Morris, Genentech
    The Kiss of the Spiderbot
    Steven Pemberton,
    CWI and W3C

  • August '02
    Exploring Exhibit Space in a Personal Perspective: An Interactive Photo Collage of a Folk Crafts Museum
    Takashi Kiriyama,
    Stanford University
    Yin and Yang: Usability and Flash
    Michelangelo Capraro,
    PalmSource, & Duncan McAlester, Breathe
    Aaron Marcus, AM+A,
    in conversation with Richard Anderson
    on Visual Design (and related topics)

  • July '02
    Shortening the Human-Computer Interface Design Cycle: A Parallel Design Process Based on the Genetic Algorithm
    John McGrew,
    Decision Process Consulting
    Seven Slides And A Fight: How Extreme Programming Improved Our Design Project Process, But Not Our Social Skills
    Victoria Bellotti, Nicolas Ducheneaut, Mark Howard, & Ian Smith,

  • June '02
    Fluid Interaction for High Resolution Wall-Size Displays
    Terry Winograd (for Francois Guimbretiere),
    Stanford University
    Focus Plus Context Screens: Displays for Users Working with Large Visual Documents
    Patrick Baudisch

  • May '02
    Designing From Both Sides of the Screen: How User-Centered Design Can Improve Designer-Engineer Collaboration
    Ellen Isaacs

    Leading the Process: Interaction Design and Project Management
    Scott Berkun,

  • April '02
    Alan Cooper, Cooper Interaction Design,
    in conversation with Richard Anderson
    on Humanizing Technology
    Bridging the Gap between Research and Design
    Robert Reimann,
    Cooper Interaction Design

  • March '02
    Web Search Engines: Users Surprising the Experts
    Avi Rappoport,
    Search Tools Consulting
    Google Should Not Be an Anomaly: A Blueprint for Inventing and Building Innovative and Successful User-Centric Products
    Larry Page,

  • February '02
    Blogging in Public
    Geoff Nunberg,
    Stanford University
    Why Start-Ups Might Not Like Fieldwork, Even If It's Good For Them
    Victoria Bellotti,

  • January '02
    A Conversation with Sara Little Turnbull
    (Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)
    on the Process of Change, Innovation, & Design
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)
    The Laws of the Web
    Bernardo Huberman,
    Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

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  • December '01
    An Interactive Virtual Fish Tank
    Stephen Farrell,
    IBM Almaden Research Center
    Visualization For All
    Jock D. Mackinlay,
    Xerox PARC

  • November '01
    Giving a Voice to User Interfaces
    Nicole Leduc & Jennifer Balogh,
    Nuance Communications

  • October '01
    Special Screening of "2001: HAL's Legacy"
    David G. Stork,
    Ricoh Innovations & Stanford University

  • September '01
    (program cancelled due to tragic terrorist acts on the east coast of the U.S.)

  • August '01
    The Gas Pump as Information Appliance: A Design Case
    Rachel Garb,
    Ten Square
    Cars, Users, and Services via the Internet Radio
    Dave Curbow & Rob Mori,
    Sun Microsystems

  • July '01
    A Conversation with Bill Moggridge
    (Principal & Founder, IDEO)
    on Interaction Design
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)
    Understanding the Universal through Uniqueness
    Jane Fulton Suri,

  • June '01
    The AirBook: Force-free Interaction with Dynamic Text in an Assistive Reading Device
    Maribeth Back,
    Xerox PARC
    Current Research & Dissemination Activities at the Archimedes Project
    Neil Scott,
    Stanford University

  • May '01
    Neil Grimmer,
    Stanford University & IDEO
    Thinking Beyond the Box: Using Ethnography in the New (new) Economy
    Genevieve Bell,

  • April '01
    Modeling "Experience"
    Audrey Crane,
    Dubberly Design Office, Sandy Speicher & Harry Saddler, MetaDesign, Carrie Yury, Sapient, & Richard Anderson, Viant (in theory)

  • March '01
    Undergraduate HCI Projects at UC Berkeley
    James Landay & Francis Li & the UC Berkeley students,
    University of California, Berkeley
    LC21: A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress
    Nancy Frishberg,
    Sun Microsystems, James Gray, Microsoft Corporation, & Doug Rowan, interLane Media

  • February '01
    Sculpture as Pure Interface
    Bruce Cannon

    Groovy Patterns: HCI, Interactive Music Exhibits, and Pattern Languages
    Jan Borchers,
    Stanford University

  • January '01
    Improving the Usability of Free Software
    Andy Hertzfeld,
    The Genesis of 2nd Generation Internet User Interfaces for Oracle Products
    Daniel Rosenberg,

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  • December '00
    Web Browsing on Handheld Devices
    Orkut Buyukkokten,
    Stanford University
    Scent of the Web
    Ed H. Chi,
    Xerox PARC

  • November '00
    Characters Everywhere
    Barbara Hayes-Roth,
    Stanford University & Extempo Systems

  • October '00
    Online Communities: Designing Usability, Supporting Sociability
    Jenny Preece,
    University of Maryland Baltimore County
    Leonardo's Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing
    Ben Shneiderman,
    University of Maryland College Park

  • September '00
    Introducing Interaction Design to the Feature Animation Domain
    Karon Weber,
    QoS is in the Eye of the Beholder: Meeting Users' Requirements for Internet Quality of Service
    Anna Bouch,
    University College London
    The Odyssey: Field Trips to Timbuktu and Beyond On the Internet
    Jeff Golden,
    The Odyssey

  • August '00
    Newest Research from User Interface Engineering
    Jared Spool,
    Read All About It: Online News from an Eyetracking Perspective
    Deborah Tatar,

  • July '00
    Making Computers Accessible to Everyone
    Neil Scott,
    Stanford University's Center for the Study of Language and Information
    Interfaces of the Gestalt: Dealing with Computing Everywhere
    Dan Russell,
    IBM's Almaden Research Center

  • June '00
    Designing in Harmony with Human Life
    David Gilmore,
    Community Building on the Web: Three Immutable Laws, Nine Timeless Design Strategies
    Amy Jo Kim,

  • May '00
    How to Tell the World It's Wrong, Politely. The inside story of Jef Raskin's new book "The Humane Interface"
    Jef Raskin

    How the Internet is Changing Daily Life
    Norman Nie,
    Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society

  • April '00
    Language, Culture, and Interaction Design
    Heiko Sacher & Michael Margolis,
    GVO, Inc.

  • March '00
    The Making of 'GUI Bloopers'
    Jeff Johnson,
    UI Wizards, Inc.
    Whose Goal Is It, Anyway? A New Frame for Interaction Design
    Paul Pangaro,
    The Pangaro Group

  • February '00
    Culture(s) in User Interface Design for the Web
    Aaron Marcus,
    Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.
    Undergraduate HCI projects at UC Berkeley
    James Landay & Scott Klemmer & the UC Berkeley students,
    UC Berkeley

  • January '00
    Tools for Knowing, Judging, and Taking Action in the 21st Century
    Brenda Laurel

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  • December '99
    The Jakob & Don Show
    Jakob Nielsen & Don Norman,
    Nielsen Norman Group

  • November '99
    Empowering Girls through Technology Use
    Janese Swanson,
    Girl Tech

  • October '99
    A Better Mythology for System Design
    Jed Harris,
    Ricoh Silicon Valley & Pliant Research
    Austin Henderson, Rivendel Consulting & Pliant Research

  • September '99
    Informal User Interfaces for Design & Communication
    James Landay, James Lin, & Mark Newman,
    University of California, Berkeley
    Reflections from the speakers at BayCHI's first program 10 years ago ("Star Retrospective")

  • August '99
    E-Business Multi-disciplinary Teams
    Clement Mok,
    Sapient Corporation
    Re-inventing SABRE, Part II: How Aaron Marcus and Associates Applied a Systematic Design Approach to the Legendary Billion-Dollar-Per-Year Travel Reservation System -or- "Why can't my travel agent tell me what car I'll be driving, what bed I'll be sleeping in and exactly what it will cost?"
    Edward Guttman & John Armitage,
    Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.

  • July '99
    Strike Up the Brand: How to Design for Branding
    Jared Spool,
    User Interface Engineering

  • June '99
    Invisible Interfaces
    Ken Fishkin, Anuj Gujar, Beverly Harrison, & Roy Want,
    Xerox PARC

  • May '99
    Fluid Documents: Annotation in Context
    Bay-Wei Chang, Jock Mackinlay, & Polle Zellweger,
    Xerox PARC
    The Open Mind Initiative: An Internet Based Distributed Framework for Developing "Intelligent" Systems
    David G. Stork,
    Ricoh Silicon Valley & Stanford University

  • April '99
    Persuasive Computing: Technologies Designed to Influence Users
    BJ Fogg, Debra Lieberman, & the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

    Understanding Seductive Experiences
    Nathan Shedroff,
    vivid studios
    Julie Khaslavsky, Financial Engines

  • March '99
    How to Design, Prototype, and Test A Usable GUI In Three Days. Really.
    Tom Dayton,
    Sun Microsystems
    Kathryn Tournat, PeopleSoft

  • February '99
    Tug o' War: Developing User Friendly Component Software
    Michael Arent & Daniel Guinan,
    Sun Microsystems

  • January '99
    Web Site Searching and the User Experience
    Avi Rappoport,
    Search Tools Consulting

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  • December '98
    An Evening with Howard Rheingold
    (with his guest, Justin Hall)

  • November '98
    The Future Feel of Tools
    Ted Selker,
    IBM Almaden Research Center

  • October '98
    Natural Selection: The Evolution of Pie Menus
    Don Hopkins,
    XLibris Document Appliance
    Gene Golovchinsky,
    FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc.

  • September '98
    A Skeptical View of Computing
    Cliff Stoll

  • August '98
    Rapid Prototyping: How to Get it Right the First Time
    Nicole Lazzaro,
    Scientific and Medical Online Publishing: Revolution through Evolution
    Vicky Reich & Adam Elman,
    Highwire Press, Stanford University
    (interviewer: Nancy Frishberg)

  • July '98
    What the User Wants, Needs, + Desires
    Laurie Vertelney,
    Interval Research Corporation

  • June '98
    Beyond Publishing: Building Practical Internet Applications
    Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini,
    Beyond Usability: Building Meaning Into Products
    Gary Waymire & Steve Portigal,

  • May '98
    Re-inventing SABRE: How Aaron Marcus and Associates Redesigned the User Interface of the Legendary Billion-Dollar-Per-Year Airline Reservation System OR "Why the Heck are there 85 Different Fares on a 120-seat Airline Flight?"
    John Armitage,
    Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.
    What's So Special about Translating/Localizing Software? LOCALIZATION is a Company-Wide Process
    Tiziana Perinotti,
    TGP Consulting

  • April '98
    "The Web" Has Become a Destructive Diversion in the Evolution of Technology, So Let's Kill It Now and Move On
    - or -
    The Best of Both Worlds
    Tom Dayton,
    SunSoft Usability Labs

  • March '98
    Children as Our Technology Design Partners: A Workshop for Children and Adults
    Intergenerational Design Teams: What our children can tell us about designing technology
    Allison Druin,
    University of Maryland

  • February '98
    What's so Interactive about Interactivity?
    Nathan Shedroff,
    vivid studios
    Personal Websites
    Nathan Phillip Shedroff,
    personable person

  • January '98
    From HAL to Office Appliances: Human-Machine Interfaces in Science Fiction and Reality
    David G. Stork,
    Ricoh Silicon Valley & Stanford University
    Novel Uses of Task Models
    Sandrine Balbo,
    Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

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  • December '97
    Organizational Obstacles to User-Centered Design: What Are They, Why Do They Exist, and What Can Be Done About Them?
    Richard Anderson,
    Usability/Design/Discovery Adventures
    Don Norman, Hewlett-Packard
    Janice Rohn, Sun Microsystems
    Dan Rosenberg, Oracle Corporation
    Holiday Music by Sunday's Child

  • November '97
    Copyright, Creativity, and the Information Society
    Pamela Samuelson,
    University of California at Berkeley
    The Apple Design Project 1992-1997: A Retrospective
    Harry Saddler,
    User Experience Designer

  • October '97
    Designing WebTV
    Chris White,
    WebTV Networks, Inc.
    Content Usability
    Jakob Nielsen,
    Sun Microsystems

  • September '97
    "24 Hours in Cyberspace" (and more)
    Rick Smolan,
    Against All Odds Productions

  • August '97
    The Great BayCHI'97 Browse-Off
    Kevin Mullet,
    Diane Schiano & Karen Theisen, Interval Research
    Ramana Rao, InXight Software
    Peter Pirolli, Xerox PARC
    Eugene Jhong, Stanford University
    and several volunteers

  • July '97
    HotJava Views: Creating and Selling the WebTop
    Don Gentner, Frank Ludolph, & Chris Ryan,
    JavaSoft, Sun Microsystems
    Merging the Benefits of Paper Notebooks with the Power of Computers in Dynomite
    Bill Schilit & Lynn Wilcox,
    FX Palo Alto Laboratory

  • June '97
    A Sneak Preview of Mac OS 8
    Cordell Ratzlaff, Pat Coleman, Per Nielsen, & Jose Arcellana,
    Apple Computer, Inc.
    A Look at the Future (and at some of the past and present), Part II
    Toward the Third Generation of the PC: Lessons Learned from Thomas Edison
    Don Norman,
    HP Laboratories

  • May '97
    A Look at the Future (and at some of the past and present)
    Paul Saffo & Jaron Lanier
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • April '97
    Hypertext Literature and Interface Poetics
    Robert Kendall

    Designing a Graphical User Interface for Healthcare Workers in Rural India
    Sally Grisedale, Alexander Grunsteidl, & Michael Graves,
    Apple Research Labs, Apple Computer, Inc.

  • March '97
    Adventures in Avatar Cyberspace: Interacting and Designing in Virtual Worlds on the Internet
    Bruce Damer,
    Contact Consortium
    with panelists:
    Steve DiPaola, Onlive
    Reid Hoffman, Fujitsu
    Kirk Parsons, Attic Graphics
    Rob Rothfarb, Black Sun

  • February '97
    A Conversation with Jef Raskin
    (Design Consultant)
    on Crimes Against the Human Interface
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)
    Physical Attractions: Why Offline Representations Persist in Hi-tech Publishing and Implications for Technology Design
    Victoria Bellotti,
    Apple Computer, Inc.

  • January '97
    Quality of Experience: Evaluating Interaction Design
    Lauralee Alben,
    Alben+Faris Inc.
    joined by
    Austin Henderson & Harry Saddler, Apple Computer
    Terry Winograd, Stanford University
    for a panel discussion & Q&A

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  • December '96
    A Conversation with Douglas Engelbart
    (Founder & Director, Bootstrap Institute)
    on the Human-Technology Interface
    historical context provided by
    Tim Lenoir,
    Stanford University
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • November '96
    Wide Widgets for Information Intense User Interfaces
    Ramana Rao,
    Xerox PARC
    Towards a Multimedia World-Wide Web Information Retrieval System
    Sougata Mukherjea,
    Visualizing Large Cyclic Hierarchies in 3D Hyperbolic Space
    Tamara Munzner,
    Stanford University & SGI

  • October '96
    The Human Side of Computer-Human Interface: Virtual Reality and Experiential Computing
    Linda Jacobson,
    Silicon Graphics

  • September '96
    The Input-Challenged Computer: Alphanumeric Entry with a Pen
    Scott MacKenzie,
    University of Guelph
    A Conversation with Edie Adams
    (Manager, Ergonomics & Usability; Microsoft Hardware Group)
    on the recently-announced Microsoft IntelliMouse
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • August '96
    Programming as a Video Game or ToonTalk -- A Video Game for Creating Programs
    Ken Kahn,
    Animated Programs
    Exploring the World of a Product: the Light Switch Exploration Project
    Sam Hecht,
    IDEO Product Development

  • July '96
    Designing Interactive Learning Experiences With and For Kids
    Yvonne Rogers & Mike Scaife,
    University of Sussex, UK
    A Conversation with Alan Kay
    (Fellow, Apple Computer, Inc.)
    on the way forward for technology and education
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • June '96
    Vizthink & VizAbility (tm): Visual Thinking for Human-Computer Interaction Design and Multimedia Tools for Visual Thinking
    Gayle Curtis,
    Stanford University
    Scott Kim, Consultant
    Kristina Hooper Woolsey, Apple Computer

  • May '96
    Contextual Design: From Customer Data to Implementation
    Karen Holtzblatt,
    CAPS Mira Studio
    A Short Report from/about The Swiss Silicon Valley Tour
    Henk Slettenhaar,
    Webster University, Geneva

  • April '96
    Interactive Information Design: Perspectives, Convictions, and Demonstration of Dynamic Web Content
    Eviatar Shafrir,
    MAGELLAN - A Video Vision of the Interface to an Enterprise's Data, Processes & People, and a Vision of Future Interfaces
    Barry Mathis,

  • March '96
    Designing Interfaces for Children
    Ann McCormick,
    CAPS Mira Studio
    Will Wright, Maxis Software
    Allen Cypher & David Canfield Smith, Apple Computer

  • February '96
    What Do Prototypes Prototype?
    Stephanie Houde & Charlie Hill,
    Apple Computer
    Tips on Travel Through Cyberspace
    Karl & Carl

  • Jan '96
    Design: The Neglected Child of Human Interface? or Whipped Cream on Road Kill Still Tastes Bad
    Annette Wagner,

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  • December '95
    Magic Cap User Interface: Adventures in Design
    Kevin Lynch,
    General Magic
    Spoonfuls of Wisdom from Mark 'Spoonman' Petrakis (with guest Jim Gaspirini)

  • November '95
    Designing Interactive Applications for the Web
    James Rice & Adam Farquhar,
    Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory
    Thomas Gruber, Colloquy Systems
    Philippe Piernot, Interval Research
    A Conversation with Terry Winograd
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • October '95
    Radical Human/Computer Interaction
    William Buxton,
    Alias / Wavefront, Inc.; University of Toronto
    Stuart Card, Xerox PARC

  • September '95
    Violating the Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines (A Reflective Consideration of the Pros & the Cons)
    Don Gentner & Jakob Nielsen,
    Austin Henderson & Don Norman, Apple Computer
    A Presentation by and Conversation with Robin Jeffries
    (CHI'96 Paper Co-chair)
    about CHI'96
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • August '95
    'Informance': Min(d)ing Future Contexts for Scenario-Based Interaction Design
    Colin Burns,
    Interval Research & Royal College of Art
    Eric Dishman, Bonnie Johnson, & Bill Verplank, Interval Research

  • July '95
    Social Responses to Communication Technology and Microsoft Bob
    Clifford Nass,
    Stanford University
    A Conversation with Yari Jeada (a.k.a. Yari Leski)
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • June '95
    What Did He Know and When Did He Know It? Xanadu and the Curse of WIRED
    Theodore Holm Nelson,
    Sapporo HyperLab
    Conversations with (and between) Aaron Marcus and Theodor Holm Nelson
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • May '95
    program cancelled due to conflict with CHI'95

  • April '95
    Integrated Solutions for Interface Development: The Model-Based Paradigm
    Angel Puerta,
    Stanford University
    A Conversation With Kevin Mullet of Macromedia
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • March '95
    The Making of a Desktop: A Case Study
    Betsy Zeller,
    Silicon Graphics
    A Conversation With Don Norman
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • February '95
    International User Interface Design
    Tony Fernandes & Shannon Halgren,
    Claris Corporation
    A Conversation With S. Joy Mountford
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • January '95
    Interface: Where Art and Science Meet?
    S. Joy Mountford,
    Interval Research
    A Performance by and Conversation With Scott Kim, Karl Schaffer, & Annette Williams
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

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  • December '94
    The Magic Lens Interface
    Eric Bier, Ken Fishkin, Maureen Stone,
    Xerox PARC
    A Conversation With Nancy Frishberg, David Jaffe, and RALPH
    (interviewer: Richard Anderson)

  • November '94
    Getting Into the Groove: Interactive, Live Performance in Cyberspace
    Amy Jo Bilson,
    Paramount Media Kitchen

  • October '94
    Too Much Hypertext or Too Little?
    Jakob Nielsen,

  • September '94
    The Interface Paradox
    Jef Raskin,
    Aza Raskin, Son

  • August '94
    Organizational Obstacles to Interface Design and Development
    Jonathan Grudin,
    UC Irvine

  • July '94
    Visual Convention in the Graphical User Interface
    Loretta Staples,
    U dot I, Inc.
    Spacial Metaphors in Graphical Displays
    Barbara Tversky,
    Stanford University
    Electronic Resources in Human-Computer Interaction
    Gary Perlman,
    The Ohio State University

  • June '94
    OpenDoc: A Case Study in Design
    Dave Curbow,
    Apple Computer

  • May '94
    Magazine Usability Labs, the Appellate Courts of Usability"
    Martin Marshall,
    Usability Metrics
    Usability Testing During Product Development: Overcoming Obstacles
    David Rowley,
    Varian Associates

  • April '94
    Collaborative Planning: Putting the Workflow User Back In the Driver's Seat
    Keith Swenson,
    Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions

  • March '94
    Starfire: Sun's Vision of HCI In the New Millenium
    Bruce Tognazzini,

  • February '94
    Icons, Electrons, Photons and Neurons - Color Science for Computer-Human Interface Designers
    Charles A. Poynton,
    Sun Microsystems

  • January '94
    Intelligent Interfaces: From Adaptation to Programmable User Models - A Personal Perspective
    Sherman Tyler,
    NASA Ames Research Center

[2003] [2002] [2001] [2000] [1999] [1998] [1997] [1996] [1995] [1994] [1993] [1992] [1991] [1990]

  • December '93
    What I Learned in the Library
    Bonnie Nardi,
    Apple Computer

  • November '93
    Sign Language Interfaces
    Nancy Frishberg,
    David Jaffe, VA Medical Center

  • October '93
    Observations and Scenarios in User Interface Design
    Jane Fulton Suri & Peter Spreenberg,

  • September '93
    The Newton MessagePad User Interface
    Fred Tou & Michael Tchao,
    Apple Computer

  • August '93
    Designing Media Spaces to Enhance Corporate Communication
    Marilyn Mantei,
    University of Toronto

  • July '93
    Making It Macintosh: Interactive Media, Interpersonal Design
    Harry Saddler,
    Apple Computer
    Lauralee Alben & Jim Faris, Alben & Faris

  • June '93
    Empirical Studies of High Level Software Design: A Retrospective and Implications for Software Environments
    Raymonde Guindon,
    Hewlett Packard

  • May '93
    Usability, Prescient Agents, Visual Software Factories, Work Flow, and SWIFT Software Development: Saving Money by Adding Usability
    Scott L. McGregor,
    Prescient Software

  • April '93
    Repetitive Strain Injuries and User Interface Design
    Robert Markison,
    UCSF School of Medicine & San Francisco Hand Specialists
    Respecting the Upper Limbs of Those Who Enter Data
    David Rempel,
    UCSF & UC Ergonomics Laboratory

  • March '93
    Controversies About Computerization and the Character of White Collar Worklife
    Rob Kling,
    UC Irvine

  • February '93
    Where HCI Design Fails: The hard problems are social and political, not technical
    Donald A. Norman,
    Apple Computer

  • January '93
    Actors, Agents, and ShowBiz
    Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis,

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  • December '92
    CSILE: A Knowledge-Building Environment for Today's Schools
    Marlene Scardamalia & Carl Bereiter,
    Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
    Gail Whang, Sonja Ebel, Rosalie Le Count, & Jill Kraus, Hawthorne Elementary School, Oakland, CA
    Anne Nicol Thomas, Children Using Technology

  • November '92
    Groupware Success: Barriers and Strategies
    Ellen Francik,
    Pacific Bell

  • October '92
    Going Beyond User Interface Widgets & Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (Current Programs / Questions & Answers)
    Jeff Johnson,
    HP Laboratories

  • September '92
    Why Do Users Like Video?
    John Tang,

  • August '92
    Casual Multimedia: The use of imagery in everyday activities
    Kristina Hooper Woolsey,
    Apple Computer Multimedia Lab

  • July '92
    Animations of Computations from Drawings of Concurrent Programs
    Kenneth M. Kahn,
    Xerox PARC
    On the Role of Pictures and Animation in Building Software (A Play in One Act)
    the Ken Kahn Players (Greg Eitzmann, Jim Johnson, David Kahn, Amy Turner)

  • June '92
    Ease-of-Use and Other Myths
    Bruce Tognazzini,

  • May '92
    The Wide World of CHI
    Izumi Aizu,
    Institute for Networking Design, Tokyo, Japan
    Helen Hasan, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia
    Dominique Scapin, I.N.R.I.A., Rocquencourt, France

  • April '92
    How to Sell a Computer-Human Interface - With No Software
    Guy Kawasaki,

  • March '92
    Exploring the VR landscape with WorldToolKit(tm)
    Kenneth Pimentel,

  • February '92
    Film Craft in User Interface Design
    Chuck Clanton,

  • January '92
    Global Media and Common Ground
    Brenda Laurel,
    Telepresence Research
    Community, Imagery and Technology: Some Sources for Lessons in Interface Development
    Mike Mosher,

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  • December '91
    The Information Visualizer: A 3D User Interface for Information Retrieval
    George G. Robertson, Jock D. Mackinlay, & Stuart K. Card,
    Xerox PARC
    Holiday Music by the A.K.A. Fellas

  • November '91
    User Interface and Artistic Values
    Andy Hertzfeld,
    General Magic

  • October '91
    Is Design Rational? Product, Process, and Rationale in System Design
    Tom Moran,
    Xerox PARC

  • September '91
    Facilitation in Support of Partnership in Design Meetings
    John Bennett & John Karat,
    IBM TJ Watson Research Center
    Measurable Benefits of Usability Engineering
    Clare-Marie Karat,
    IBM TJ Watson Research Center

  • August '91
    The Evolution of DataViews, a Real-Time Graphical User Interface and Data Visualization Tool
    Alan Morse,
    V.I. Corporation

  • July '91
    The Design of Interactive Software is a Branch of Movie-Making
    Ted Nelson,

  • June '91
    Developments in and Uses of Speech Recognition, Inside and Outside of Apple
    Rick Parfitt,
    Apple Computer

  • May '91
    Issues in Designing a Pen-Based Environment
    Tony Hoeber & Bob Vallone,
    GO Corporation

  • April '91
    Botticelli or Leonardo: The Relation between Mechanism and Interface
    Donald Gentner,
    Apple Computer

  • March '91
    Cooperative Design of Computer Systems
    Jeanette Blomberg & Lucy Suchman,
    Xerox PARC
    Eric Roberts, Stanford University

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  • October '90
    Configurable Space - A Holistic Approach to Creative Environments
    Craig Harris,

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