The Well Power User Guide

If you're a Well member with a "classic" account (a 2-8 character user-id) the Power User Guide may help you getting the most out of Picospan.

These pages are built by me, they're not official Well pages. The information may be outdated, though quite a lot of it isn't. There is an official Well user guide for Picospan. My problem with that is that it focusses on the Picospan menus, which are fairly self-explanatory anyway. Also, Picospan commands provide a far more efficient way of doing many things than working your way through the menu structure.


Conferences: general; topic titles; reading topics; skipping topics; starting a new topic; commands at the respond prompt; commands at the ---more--- prompt; saving topics to a file; searching at the OK prompt.
Link opens in this window Conferences


Link opens in this window Extract (to be added)


Link opens in this window Miscellaneous (to be added)


Link opens in this window Files (to be added)

Editing responses and files

Full screen editors (PED and VI); line editor (RED)
Link opens in this window Editing responses and files (to be added)

Interactive conversation

Link opens in this window Interactive conversation (to be added)


Link opens in this window People (to be added)


Link opens in this window E-mail (to be added)


Link opens in this window Help (to be added)

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