Recent Photos
Recent Photos

Nancy and I, having returned from living in Den Haag, Netherlands in October 2003, have been traveling a good bit less, and to places less photogenic than during our European experience. Nevertheless there have been several events and experiences which we did photo-document and so I've selected from the more interesting here.

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Home things...

Nancy & kitties Kitties on rug Kitties on chair Kitties on chair2 spacer

In December 2004, after having been back from Europe for a year, and being over 3 years without a cat, I decided it was time to get a kitten. Well, long story, but that intention converted into two really cute kitties who had been rescued from a woodpile where a coyote had killed their mother. They're now fine, and grown, and living up to their names; Thelma & Louise.

Goat in tree Nancy by window View out back spacer

Out back got interesting last year. First we did a wild thing; hired GoatsRUs to clean off our overgrown hillside... by munching it down! They did a great job, and finished off by climbing a tree to see if they could find more goodies. We also redesigned the back deck and windows giving us an even greater view of the bay and the city.


Sarah & Annalise Clayton & San Fran spacer

Family! Lots of them. Mostly grandchildren, since that's the largest cohort and the most interesting to grandparents. One of the little ones missing a recent shot is Vicki & Brian's Camille. Rusty's Sarah, Eston & Eric; Randy & Michelle's Annalise, Ian, Marielle, & Ashley; Elin's Clayton, and Matthew & Heather's Kelsey & Riley. Those without kiddies, Diana and David & Marianne represent themselves.

Kelsey Diana Bobchi & GGkids spacer

Among other major family events was Nancy's Mom's 90th birthday. Nancy and her brother Steve organized a major party at Bobchi's house and invited most of her friends and all her kids, grandkids... and... great-grandkids, shown here. On the left-hand back row are Kelsey & Riley... and Matthew levitating Kelsey.

Ian baking Riley & flower Eric & Eston spacer

Ian and I baked cinnamon rolls one fine day... he was immensely helpful as you can see. Riley had a dance recital and modestly accepted a bouquet of flowers from Gramsey. Eric and Eston had a fine San Francisco tour beginning in Chinatown and ending in the cell block at Alcatraz.