Star Trek Trivia Quiz

1. The original Star Trek series pilot aired in what year?

2. Who preceded Captain Kirk on the Enterprise? What was the episode called?

3. What is the designation of the Enterprise in Star Trek TNG?

4. Name at least one change in wording in the opening of TNG from the original.

5. What was the trekkie term for the unidentified crewman who was usually killed off in the early series?

6. Star Trek TNG has attracted some big names in acting from the beginning. What famous actress has had a regular character spot since the second season?

7. How many people survived and escaped capture at the Khitomer Massacre? Name them.

8. Tasha Yar was killed in a tragic accident while on an away team mission. Who was the Romulan Sela and how were they related?

9. Worf's son, Alexander is: (pick one)

  • 3/4 human
  • 1/4 human
  • 1/2 human
  • 10. Dr. Beverly Crusher's husband's name was Jack. Under what circumstances did he die? Who gave the order?

    11. Jean-Luc has a brother. What is his name?

    12. Why does Benjamin Cisco, Commander on Deep Space Nine hate Captain Picard? In what episode does he explain why?

    13. What was Picard's nephew's name? When do you first see him? When do you last hear of him?

    14. What is Captain Kirk's middle name?

    15. What groundbreaking television event involving Kirk and Uhura was Star Trek responsible for in its last season?

    16. Who of the original Star Trek bridge crew became a star ship captain in Star Trek VI? What is his ship's name? In which movie did the ship originally appear? What was its designation then?

    17. How often to Vulcan's need to return home to breed?

    18. Where on earth is Dr. McCoy from?

    19. Where were Khan and his followers exiled? What happened to the colony afterward? What was Kahn's original ship called? What starship did he steal after he escaped?

    20. Wesley Crusher practically grew up on the Enterprise. What school did he finally attend? Who did he decide to follow in one of the final episodes of TNG?

    21. Who at Starfleet Academy gave very sage advice to both Picard and Wesley when they were both students there? What actor played him?

    22. What internal organ of Picard's is artificial? When did it happen? What rank was Picard?

    23. Match the couples:

  • Data New Troi
  • Picard Old Troi
  • Worf Tasha Yar
  • Riker Crusher
  • 24. What was Data's "father's" name? His "daughter's"? His "brother's"?

    24. What were Spock's dying words in Star Trek II? (one of three correct answers)

    25. What was Spock's father's name? What did he die from? Where was Spock when his father died?

    26. Name all the Star Trek television series: (There are now four.)

    27. Name the half models on the wall of NCC-1701D's observation lounge.

    28. What popular earth drink does Worf like but had never had while on Earth?

    29. What is the Prime Directive?

    30. Name the training scenario used at Starfleet Academy to illustrate a No-Win Situation.

    31. What was Kirk's son's name?

    32. Commander Tom Paris was recruited for Voyager from a penal colony. Where on Earth is it? Who recruited him?

    33. What was Janeway's husband/SO on Earth's name?