Tides and Weather for SF Bay

I'm picky about my weather resources, so I've only tried to list ones that a) work, b) are quick on the Web and c) are useful. Please feel free to email me if a link is not working.

It has recently come to my attention that we West Coast sailors work much harder than our Eastern counterparts. We sail all winter, pull the boat, do the bottom, drop it again and continue racing for the spring and summer. Our friends to the East reserve their slip for April 1, check off the boxes of what needs done in the mailer from the yard and then show up to go sailing after the boat has been "commissioned." I think we have much more fun. But then again, if we only sailed for six months of the year, we'd probably want someone else to work on my boat, too.

In honor of our year round racing "season", here are my weather links. I'll add more to this list as I find ones that don't annoy me.

Useful Weather Links

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