Adding your name to the mailing list

If you are a woman skipper, crew, boat owner or other interested party, please add your name to our postal mailing list. This mailing list is made available to yacht clubs only for the purpose of promoting upcoming women's events.

To add your name, select the email option below for Ava Moore and include your name, regular mailing address and email address. Also please include the numeral code and letter code which you feel best describes your experience and interest.

I would describe myself as:
1 -- Previous women's event participants, typically, boat owners, spouses, etc.
2 -- Women crew/drivers, typically, experienced women crew and/or women with access to boats for women's events.
3 -- Experienced women racers, both crew and drivers, typically the perennial participants in every one of these events.

My primary interest is:
a -- dinghies
b -- keelboats 20-32 feet
c -- keelboats 32+ feet

Select here to email your information to Ava Moore.