Hand drawn audio signal-path diagrams created July 1995 using Corel Draw 3, and published in the Electric Bluprints column, October 1995. VISIO wasn't around back then, therefore each shape was painstakingly created by hand and added to my growing database of commonly used equipment stencils to be used as needed in future columns.

The diagrams were obtained from sketches provided by either the artist's guitar tech., the artist themselves, photographs taken by myself, or entirely from memory.

Reflecting back, I am amazed to think that many of these drawings were created while traveling across the country on a tour bus using an old Compaq laptop with a thumb trackball for mouse control. Those old Eagle busses sure rode smooth.

Here you will find a few sample images. These are actual scans of the articles themselves. The scans are low-res but should be clear enough to show the necessary detail.