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April 18, 2015


Part 1 — Danger as Ambience: The gang over at Spruce want to take a walk on the wild side

The Bacchus Group’s flagship restaurant, Spruce, considerably burnished its Michelin star rating when it hosted President Obama in February. It joined with Chez Panisse, La Folie, Great Eastern Restaurant and the now-closed Hawthorne Lane in the pantheon of local eateries that have served recent U.S. presidents. Obama was cosseted in Spruce’s Laurel Room, which rents for a minimum of $3,000, and dined seated on a faux ostrich chair against a backdrop of chocolate mohair walls. To be sure, such soothing fixtures are thoughtful managerial gestures for salving the rigors of wading through a wine list of 90-plus pages and 2500 selections.




June 14, 2015


Part 2 — Danger as Ambience: The gang over at Spruce want to take a walk on the wild side


So let's envisage an alternate outcome for the Sarataoga building's vacancies and others like it throughout the Tenderloin.

The motif for site-usage should be unhesitatingly straightforward: The search for investment that enables the full participation of the residents of the area. These investment ideas ought to be initiated by TL residents, ideally, and of necessity staffed by them. And more: the approach incorporates the intention of conferring a designation of economic autonomy and sovereignty to the district.




June 9, 2014


All the branding and Brandons you could imagine

“Attention to detail” is the way KNBR’s Ray Woodson recently summarized the 2014 Giants’ success. GM Brian Sabean’s off-season implanting of his wish list was precise and customarily budget-conscious. He got the big bat, the quality starter, and a second hammy promos, utilizing the team’s playfulness and abundant camaraderie.




November 6, 2012


America, they're panting for you

There’s a hallowed homespun admonition known to many across the American landscape, that cautions against ever buying anything from a man who’s out of breath.

In these final hours before the election, as the candidates’ words gush forth in gasping, 11th-hour paroxysms of beseeching and vituperation, we can finally pause and take stock of where these past 18 months chalk up on the ledger of political repulsiveness.

And where in fact do we find ourselves? Well, we’ve clearly witnessed the spectacle of two of the biggest chameleons in the history of U.S. presidential politics. Both of whom are unsurpassed at turning on a dime on matters of principle, and who exhibit, as well, an uncanny ability to marinate in total denial about it.




January 30, 2010


Regaining the Title

Barack Obama has weighed-in for his rematch with the country’s destiny. He spent last week brashly declaring his eagerness to fight for the public, but Wednesday night ditched the verbal haymakers for speed-bag lingo intended to merely nick and pile up points on the scorecards. Ringside wise guys will tell you today that as this putative champ of the American people prances through the political apron ropes, it appears any bit of fight he ever had in him may have been left back in the law library, and he’d be wise to listen for the bell to sound, because it’s maybe tolling for him. 






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