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I'm living in Evanston, IL just north of Chicago. I've been on The Well since August 1992. On The Well, I'm usually to be found in the Midwest, Pets, News, Parenting, bb, and Fringeware confs.

Evanston is a nice place except for three months of slush and sleet a year. No hills or palm trees but we also don't have earthquakes or brushfires. I won't mention the riot situation until after the Democratic Convention in 1996. Since we have an a nti-war protester in the White House, I'm mainly worried about a Rush Limbaugh sit-in at the Pump Room.

I'm the Information Systems Director at a financial management company in Chicago. I'm a CNE and Microsoft certified in Windows and Windows for Workgroups. I don't consult anymore but I'll gladly answer questions about PC networks or various incarnat ions of Windows, including Windows 95. I LOVE Windows 95 - anything that crashes less is my friend!

For fun, I spin yarn and crochet or knit with it, do beadwork, and play with my conures. I have two conures, one is a dusky named Kato (Kato -do not attack!) and the other is a peach front named Jayhawk. Conures are small, very loud South American pa rrots. Mine were born and raised in Chicago - don't buy imported birds! The menagerie also includes my ancient cat, Shadow. She's 18 and a half. I think she'll make it to 20+ since she's perfectly healthy. She's a living illustration of why you shoul d shell out for premium catfood.

Oh yeah, I also have a husband and son. My husband Ben is a full time daddy and part time artist. My stepson Llew is nine and a full time 4th grader. He also is an active Boy Scout.

This web page will get more interesting in the future. For now, here are some of my favorite links. Pay close attention to the first one.

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