ABC : Sgorcey says... tim, do you think you'll play elliot weston again sometime? also, any reaction to the cancellation of my so-called life, which in so many ways was a companion series to thirtysomething?
Tim : I believe 30 something will return as a movie of the week when we're all 40 something! There seems to be a lot of interest and we all miss each other. My So Called Life is a great show by the same producers of 30 Something. Similarities abound.
ABC : Pointclik says... Tim, can you relate to My So-Called Life being cancelled after those weasels cancelled Thirtysomething, anohter great show?
Tim : I think it's important for all of you who are asking about My So Called Life and who express anger towards the network for its cancellation to remember "unfortunately this is show BUSINESS." It is unfortunate that 30 something and MSCL lost their homes on ABC but that is the nature of the entertainment business. ABC is a business with lots of salaries and lots of expenses. I'm sure if ABC could afford to leave quality programs on, they would. Please don't forget ABC brought you these shows in the first place and if they've changed your life you owe it to ABC Send thanks and regrets to Ted Harbert but please stress the thanks because he cares what you think.
ABC : Thanks so much for being with us Tim Busfield! Starring in our new comedy Champs to premiere mid-season.

The people in the audience didn't seem inclined to stress the thanks.