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This is a very rough initial list of links to information on militias I put together after the OK City bombing. There are now many more comple sites. Political Research Associates now has an extensive web site

There is a collection of articles, Militias In America 1995, available for $10 (plus shipping & handling I imagine) from:
The Institute For Alternative Journalism/Alternet
77 Federal Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Not so new Stuff

  • A different perspective on militias is highlighted in this review of Alexander Cockburn's latest book in the August 14 Utne Lens
  • Doug Fine (see #10 on his page) will have an article on militias in Alaska in the October Wired .
  • A large (284K) Militias FAQ


    Alternet has a large number of articles on militias on their web page including articles from their book Militias In America 1995.

    News Articles

    NPR Stories

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    FactSheet 5

    Factsheet Five reviews everything from riot grrl zines to the publications from Militia and Patriot publications. Here are a sampling of reviews
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