Using the Extract Command

The Well is a text-based a conferencing system located in Sausalito, California. Extract, a UNIX command, permits users to perform complicated text searches in order to locate information based on who posted it, when it was posted, which conferences it was posted in, and so on.

This is a web version of my paper guide to the extract command. I'm still converting it to HTML, so not all of the links below will work. All should be well shortly.

Overview of the Extract Command
Extracting by Conference, by Topic, by Response Number and by .cflist.
Extracting by User
Extracting by Text String
Extracting by Date and Time
Extracting by Response Type
Extracting by Topic Type
Extracting Conference Statistics
Directing Extract's Output
Other Extract Features
Quick Reference Guide to Extract Switches (with tables)
Quick Reference Guide to Extract Switches (no tables)

Here is the PDF version of the extract manual.

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