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Date: Sun, 09 Apr 95 13:26:32 -2400
From: Jon Hassell

Aside from the assuredly high-quality interaction going on'live'within the fire circle, the use of Web possibilities to create an ever-expanding circle--or perhaps more aptly,'wildfire"--invigorates the very concept of 'conferences' as being sparks to ongoing idea exchange rather than the confined circle which is their usual result.

As far as I know, this is a 'first'.

Congatulations to you and your collaborators!

jon hassell

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 19:50:41 -0400
Subject: sustainable ag web site

Please check out

Eric N. Enig (

Date: Wed Sep 20 16:52:28 1995
Subject: Joans son Michael and his opinion on this conference

This conference, gathering, spirtual concert that is about to happen is by no means special. A lotto of the somewhat elite gathering for spiritual uprising on fertile lands sounds more like the college parties I've blacked out at. A commons man communal it's not.

Why not pick a group of people randomly, let them wander the hallowed grounds in search of peace and harmony. What values would these people lack. Spiritual freedom only existing for the learned, many people would disagree. Certinaly the tribe of the land would.

Or am I to believe this is a march of shamans. People who work, wander the streets, or stride through life, it doesn't matter who tend to be more qualified although somewhat less eloquent in these arenas.( Present company not excluded)

In other words, why not send someone, myself included, to lay foot upon these sacred grounds. My words may not be quasi-syllabic, or agile poets memoirs, but they would be honest and in the end that's all that m atters. Just filling in the blanks honestly. It's what one feels, what one tends to want to feel as the final analysis draws to a conclusion, and what you could not see has now been tainted by your eye's. Magic and theology entwined like serpent lovers cascading from the dawn. Everyone is special and has knowledge of thier own. This ritual dance thats going to be preformed by these high priests and priestess' happens everyday on the streets, in backyards, over computers.....everywhere and anywhere.

It's a wonder why the universes mysteries are what they are. Our souls aren't governed as our bodies are. Everyone should have thier chance to let thier toes dance on the earth, on that parcel of earth. Everyone should have thier chance to join, only then can we complete the circle. ( minor influence of tao may be obvious, but just thank your soul I didn't start talking about the ying-yang, might break into a karate dance.

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 96 18:39:55 -0700
From: Greg Willson
Subject: simple living - foraging, land awareness, restoration

I appreciate the work you have don in the name of sustainability.

I am working to compile a Permaculture Resource Network, to share some of the ideas and functional systems I have been and am continuing to witness since I have been involved with the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, at Humboldt State University.

The first page I have put up is a cursory outline of information I am organizing for public reference.

check it out

I would like to contribute to your discussions. Later this week, my sound driver should be working.

If you know of any resources you could direct me toward that apply to foraging, even a picture or two of the joys of eating wild harvest!!

send em. greg willson sr1 box47, Haiku, HI 96708

Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 14:45:17 -0700
From: (charles stegiel )
Subject: Adding my comment to conference

Issue at hand. As human beings our future is conditioned by the present moment. The environmental choice is ours since human caused ecological catastrophe is accelerating. The climate warms up and the Ozone hole grows larger. Mass extinctions are a real possibility unless human actions alter.

My human awareness insists that this catastrophe need not occur. Personal death is one thing, the death of my culture/people another, and my death and the deaths of so many others as part of a human triggered planetary catastrophe is something still different. Hubris celebrates this ending of "Nature" as an important and necessary part of human achievement, acceptable and inevitable like our personal death. It is a perspective of death which reminds me of Goethe's Werther slumped in his chair for the sake of his obsession. Indeed, I think it is ultimately a retreat from what Thomas Merton describes as "discovering the inward sources of freedom and love which God has put in our nature." It is these sources we must draw upon for our energy.

Bruce Stegiel

Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 22:42:11 -0700 (PDT)

Man's Life Course is it the Path of the Body or the Spirit?

The undertaken research has crossed into commonly held notions of spirituality. I have constructed an algorithmic framework which verifies the underlying spiritual truths of the worlds greatest religions and reconciles them with scientific principles and premises. I would like to submit my findings to anyone who may be interested and who might be willing to publish them. Here follows a brief sketch of my work and findings.

Any objective research on religion generally, and spirituality specifically, leads to parallel observations found in the Bible, Koran, and religious scriptures of Buddhism and Hinduism. Notably, life may be separated (for analytical purposes) into seven stages of development, which correspond to seven energy levels like the colors of rainbow. So too one may infer the dual nature of man (like of the particle-wave duality of the photon, a "particle" of light) existing simultaneously as the material body (a flesh) and also as a system of energy levels.

My research and description of these stages includes the stepwise development of individual ("inward" man) and individuals collectively, into society's ("outward" man). Society exhibits seven analogous steps of development as well, the corpus of humanity coinciding with the development of individual man. The development of society and world history parallels each manís inner development along these seven stages.

This research is an interpretive approach to Christianity based upon a reconciliation with other major religions and scientific observations most notably in physics though inclusive all sciences. What results is a new found spiritual sense of the scriptures which embraces the works and teachings of others. I have focused on the common thread of enlightenment in all the worlds great religions and I have merged this line of spiritually understanding with science. (All paths lead to the top of the same great mountain). The Bible is truly a universal writing which if thoroughly understood compels the reader to embrace the works of many of the world's principal religious writers, teachers, prophets and philosophers.

My research offers a new approach involving the fusion of many notions in an effort to explain the basic philosophic questions: being and cognition; the relation between man and the universe; the development society and consciousness. The application of scientific principles and research methodology for revealing the hidden spiritual sense of religious scriptures may help to unite people of all religions as well as those who trust more the mind and intellect, laws of science more so than the laws of the spirit. This analytical approach to the scriptures may assist in determining manís future relation to the environment and the planet in the course of the development of society into the next millennia. The present research is only a first step taken with the purpose of attempting to show manís proper course in life and to reveal the general role of humankind on the earth by means of systematizing the most common and significant notions in the worldís religions. During my study I formulated an algorithm uniting manís knowledge. There is offers the simple scheme which have uniting all sciences ( including the laws have acting in the alternative medicine), art, religion, parapsychology and all of the esoteric teachings like a periodical system elements in Chemistry. Thus the most important laws of science are intertwined within the fabric of spiritual teachings.

I am a physicist from the former Soviet Union. My research has previously involved physical chemistry and nuclear research(26 articles). I would be very grateful for your courtesy in giving me any information on the publication an article. There are offering conception successfully utilized in the life and friends call me a lucky man but I just know the course. Because the offering conception is a reality.

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