digital dharma

It is clear that the conversation started by a barefoot sage five centuries before Christ continues in the form of digital impulses crisscrossing the Earth, reaching into bulletin boards, downloading sutras, and conducting interactive salons. An entire world of Cyberbuddhism has manifested in the ether, with a population that is growing wildly. However, the jury may still be out on whether ultimately the electronic Buddhist world is a distraction, or the possibility of a whole new level of experiencing dharma.

Dharma digirati now have access to a voluminous serving of data and discussion, all lending credence to the idea that Buddhism will not be immune to the virtual explosion of human microprocessing power that is transforming all our lives.

by Allan Hunt Badiner

Taken from Tricycle, the Buddhist Review, Volume 3, Number 4, Summer 1994, page 45

Art above is Buddhagrid by Alex Grey, 1994, all rights reserved