For you who have helped me through
my last two years, there's a proverb
which goes:
Never count fortunate any whose
death you've not seen.
I am lucky, blissfully lucky, that
you've been part of my dying.
Your strength, love -- and response to
my jokes -- have made my death a
great good fortune, whether or not
I have earned it, the richest experience.
May you receive (from where? Don't
ask me: I'm an irresponsible atheist)
real-world goody bags commensurate
with your goodness.

Goodbye         GoodbyeGoodbyeGoodbye--



Jude (StJude) Milhon, d. July 19, 2003

Efrem Lipkin mailed me this note from Jude.
Also included was a postcard from her, of Han-Shan, reproduced here.

Updated 2003/08/23 by Mark Szpakowski