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Amateur Radio

73 DE W1WSO - FN31. Originally licensed as KA2UCP in 1984. Also previously held callsigns KB1LKV and K7WSO.

North East Weak Signal Group

HackRF One - Currently evaluating this neat little gadget for use as a rig for VHF/UHF+ weak signal work.

Paul Wade - W1GHZ. Paul is the current editor of the Microwavelengths column in QST, and the designer of cheap transverters to get you on the microwave bands.

WA1MBA - Tom Williams. Amateur Radio microwave resources from WA1MBA.

GE M-PA 101 by Mark Cobbledick, KB4CVN

Amateur Radio Links from the blog.


New England Hamfest List from W1GSL.

Boxboro NE Ham Convention


Living History

FDR Home, Hyde Park, NY - Memorial Day, 2019

Blog Posting

My small display for the 2019 Memorial Day living history event sponsored by The Duffle Bag and Associates.

For the event, I decided to portray a 1980's Cold War Era U.S. Army Warrant Officer with the Army Material Command. The above picture is me in front of a sculpture made from pieces of the Berlin Wall.

Older Works

In 2001, I reviewed the Icom IC-R3 receiver for Scanning USA Magazine. Icom liked the article so much they referenced it in their advertising. I still have an Icom R3 in the receiver collection, and maybe sometime I'll have to do a retro article on it for the blog. The R3 is a nice little unit, but NTSC video reception is of limited utility these days, and the receiver has fairly high current requirements. With the video screen running you only had a couple hours operating time.

Monitoring Spread Spectrum Communications - Scanning USA Magazine, September, 2005. I found a Transcrypt SC-1000 at what is now NEAR-Fest, and decided to see how easy it would be to hear it.

The Motorola DTR-410 Frequency Hopping Radio - Credited as "Tom Berkshire." Popular Communications Magazine, December, 2007.

Friends and Fellow Researchers/Writers

Electronic Warfare for the Fourth Generation Practitioner, by SFC Marc J. O'Connor, USA (RET.) - So back in March, 2019 I was having this conversation with my friend Marc...