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Wainiha Powerhouse Road -- Turtles

Note: Almost all of these photographs were taken by David Gans. Rita Hurault took a few, and a couple were taken by random people on the street (or trail or beach or dock). Rita has also been consulting on photo selection and sequencing.

I have a Sony DSC-P31 digital camera, bottom of the line, and no photo editing tools with me here in Hawaii. This is just a simple, quasi-narrative photo journal with no pretensions of quality or art. Enjoy!

I bought the camera from Oade Brothers Audio in Thomasville, Georgia, and they went the extra mile to ship the adapter to me here so I could move the images from the camera to my laptop. Thanks, Doug and Jim and Ben! -- DG

P.S. These pages are designed to be viewed with the screen wide enough to accommodate three images abreast. I'm no html wizard, so I apologize if they don't display as handsomely as they should.