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AMmd provides attorneys, insurers, and institutions with prompt, cost-effective case review -- potential medical malpractice, quality and utilization concerns, medical-legal issues -- across a broad spectrum of adult medicine, surgery, and injury.

On this page --
  • Medical-legal case review, malpractice screening for attorneys
  • Independent medical review for institutions
  • Reviewer's experience
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Medical - legal case review for attorneys

  • Medical malpractice -- case screening for merit
  • Interactions of illness, preexisting conditions, injury, apportionment
  • Research, litigation support for defense and plaintiffs
  • Locating testifying experts

I review records and medical-legal issues involving adult medicine, surgery, and injury. Where I would qualify as an expert witness (Internal Medicine and Cardiology), I am willing to testify. In the majority of cases I review, I would not be the best testifying expert (not in active clinical practice since 1997), but can be extremely helpful in assessing the merits of potential cases. My clients enjoy the advantages of prompt service, very reasonable fees, and accurate, honest opinions. While I've mainly been asked to evaluate potential plaintiffs' cases, I also have substantial experience consulting for defense attorneys and insurers in strict liability and professional malpractice matters.

As an experienced medical reviewer, I can help you distinguish "bad outcome" from true medical negligence, identify responsible parties, help attorneys and clients understand complex problems and terminology, get full relevant documentation, and locate appropriate testifying experts where needed.

Independent medical review for institutions

For institutional review bodies, I offer impartial, timely, and reasonably-priced assessment of quality of care questions -- please contact me to discuss your situation.

Reviewer's experience

I was in full time Cardiology and Internal Medicine practice in Denver for many years (Board Certified in both), but since 1987 have concentrated on review of medical cases across a wide spectrum of settings and specialties. Most of these reviews, literally thousands of cases, were done for the federally chartered peer review organization, the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC), for whom I have consulted extensively on quality and utilization issues. I was the principal physician consultant at CFMC on the Uniform Clinical Data Set project (algorithmic quality screening) from 1990 until 1994, and the Colorado Medical Practice Study (in-hospital medical injury) in 1995-6, and have participated in numerous other quality assessment studies.

Over the past 15 years, I have also evaluated over 100 complex auto insurance claims, involving sequential injuries, preexisting illnesses and injuries, and apportionment.

In the last several years, I have also reviewed numerous cases for leading law firms in Denver and around the country concerning medical malpractice and other medical-legal issues (references available on request).

Requesting a case review

You can discuss a new case or any medical question with me by phone without obligation or charge. For most cases, the initial screening review will take from 2 to 4 hours and will be done within 7-10 days of getting the records. After my review, we'll discuss the case's merits by phone. I will help you to decide if further action is warranted: further research, written report from me, more expert opinions, etc. During this process, I'm happy to discuss any questions with your client as well.

If a written report is required, that will usually take an additional 4 to 8 hours. If the records are massive, the case extremely complex, or literature research is needed, more time could be involved.

It will help if you have the records organized before sending them: they should be in sequence, first records on top. Indexing is helpful but not essential; binding and page numbering are usually counterproductive at this stage as there is virtually always duplication and disorder to be dealt with. Send pages loose and unnumbered if possible.

Fees and payment protocol

Preliminary phone discussion of a new or potential case -- no charge. Assessment of case merits, analysis, research, written report, and follow up telephone consultation are billed at $120 per hour. Screening most cases will take 2 to 4 hours, so the usual prepayment required will be $240 to $480. Testimony or deposition are billed at $200 per hour, including travel time to and from your site, with a 4 hour minimum.

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