Isn't she beautiful?

This photo was taken in May of 1999, at six months old. She's such a happy girl!


Here she is in a more pensive moment!


And here she is with her mom!


This photo was taken a day or two after Christmas (1998) - note the holly-patterned cloth beneath her changing pad. The giant hairy hand belongs to her dad, my brother. Even at seven weeks, she is very alert and aware that I was paying attention to her from above and behind.


I just love this close-up. Another diaper change, this time on her pad on the floor. Her eyes are fixed on her mom, who is changing her. She's happy because she has learned that after diaper change time comes .... mealtime!


That day was historic in another way. After unsuccessfully attempting to shove her entire fist into her mouth over and over, she managed to disengage her left thumb for a minute or two and sucked on it in a very satisfied way. It was a Kodak (well, Fuji) moment.


On Christmas Day her mom dressed her in a beautiful little red onesie with a ruffly organdy collar. She HATED that collar. She fussed and cried until her mom took pity on her and put her into a nice soft pink blanket sleeper instead. She was equally cute either way. The lovely little girls flanking her are her cousins Rachel and Jordan.


Comfy at last, on Yiayia's (grandma's) lap.


This photo was taken more than a month earlier -- the evening before Thanksgiving, 1998. Her dad was holding her. She was not quite three weeks old. She was so tiny then. But from the day she was born she has had a full head of dark hair (just as her dad and her aunt did).


This photo was taken the same night. I love the expression on her face as she gazes at her dad.


That night I held my niece for the first time. She was so tiny and perfect and beautiful. I loved her fiercely, immediately, and when she fussed I did my best to comfort her.


This picture was taken at about two weeks. For two weeks she's very alert, although she probably can't appreciate the Pooh toys just yet!


And here's the photo they took at the hospital the day she was born. Note the surly expression and the clenched fists! Love that psychedelic background!