QuickStart guide to WeLLmuse

This is the latest version of the QuickStart guide to WELLmuse.
Errors have been corrected, and new commands have been Outlined.
Version 1.3
©Copyright MoonShadow Media. 1994.583

Welcome to the WeLLmuse, a virtual reality where anything can, and often does, happen. My name is MoonShadow, and I will be your guide for today. First, we need some basic commands mastered.

When I give commands, what you fill in yourself will be in {}'s, don't type them! optional data will be in []'s Don't type them! Okay, on with the show!

First, we need to get connected.

To do this, type:
!wellmuse at your OK prompt
then it will ask you to connect as a player or a guest.
Type: connect Guest
Or, If you have a character, type:
Connect {yourname} {yourpassword}
Example: Connect Zeus Jupiter
OR: If you don't want anyone to see your password, do this:
Connect {yourname} [{CR}] (you know, enter, return, whatever ;-)
then you get a prompt for the password.
When you enter your password, it will not be echoed on screen.

Here are some basic commands:

To talk, type: say {message}, which can be abbreviated: "{message}
(only one quote symbol is needed)
You will see: You say "{message}"
Everyone else sees: Yourname says "{message}"
Example: type: "hi -- everyone sees: Yourname says "hi"

To pose, or emote, type this: pose {action}, abbreviated as: :{action}
(yes, colon, then action)
You see: Yourname {action}
Everyone else sees: Yourname {action}
Example: type: pose smiles -- everyone sees: Yourname smiles

The previous commands are only seen by people in the same "room" as you.
To communicate "long-distance," type this:
page {name}={message}
You see: You paged {name} with "{message}"
{name} *only*, no one else! sees: Yourname pages: "{message}"
Example: type: page MoonShadow=hiya!
You see: You paged MoonShadow with "hiya!"
MoonShadow sees: Yourname pages: "hiya!"

There is also a CB-radio style device called +com.
When online, type: help +com for in-depth help
To join a channel (try public) type: +ch +{name}
To talk on a channel, type: +com {name}={message}
Example: type: +ch +public
You, and everyone on public sees: [public] yourname has joined this channel

Example: type:+com public=hello
You and everyone on public sees: [public] yourname: hello

All these commands only help when people you want to talk to are online also.
What if you want to talk to someone who is not connected? There is a mail system on wellmuse called +mail
To send a message, just type:

+mail {player}={message}
Ex: +mail moonshadow=Great manual!

That's it!
To read your own mail, use these commands:
+mail gives you a list of the mail you have, and who sent it
+mail {#} reads message {#}
to get rid of mail, do this
+mail delete {#} marks # as ddeleted
+mail delete marks all mail as deleted
+mail purge purges all mail marked deleted

Moving about:

At the end of every room description, it says "obvious exits" Then you get a list of exits out of that room. Simply type the name in full, and you will go in that direction. Occasionally, there will be a shortcut, maybe an exit is called ut. Instead of typing ut all the way, you can just type O. If there is a shortcut it is almost always done in angle brackets.

If you know a room's Number, (every room has em, but you can't always see em) Simply type: @teleport #{room number}
abbreviated as: @tel #{room number}
The # sign is mandatory

Looking around:

To look at other things, just type: look {object}
Which can abbreviated: l {object}
You can make a message for when people look at your or your objects.
Type: @desc me={description}
to describe your objects, type: @desc {object}={description}
To make a message that shows everyone in the room when someone looks at you, type: @odesc me={message}. The {message} is prefaced by the name of the person that looked at you.
Example: @odesc me=snuck a peek at MoonShadow!
So, if a character named Zeus looked at me, everyone in the room *except* Zeus would see: "Zeus snuck a peak at MoonShadow!"

Places to visit:

When you first enter the muse, use @tel, and type: @tel #985 This will take you to the main square of the muse. Go in and out all the different exits, and explore. Take a look at the BILLBOARD. Then, go East to the Nabe. From there you can get to Atlantis (by MoonShadow), The Black Rock Desert (by Aleph), the MetroUrbanOpolis (by hobbes), the Pied-A-terre (a gem, by Proust), and Bootbabe's Virtual Biosphere, by Bootbabe. And many more that I can't think of right now :-)

Final Notes

type: WHO, to get a list of who is online
type: help quick (yes, both words), to get some quick online help
type QUIT in all caps to exit the muse
You can always ask for help online, or in the WeLL's mu conference, just

g mu

Have fun, Don't Panic, and remember, you can always ask for help! Oh yeah, you might want a character. Since I don't (yet? hee hee) have the power to make them myself, think up a good name, and email wellmuse to get one.

isaac@well.sf.ca.us 7/27/94
[permission is given for reprint on the WELL only. Wanna reprint it anywhere else? just ask me]
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