Skeptic at large...

Skeptic at large...

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10 years of The Skeptic: Editors of the paranormal in a flutter over angels and the lottery (The Daily Telegraph, 1/22/97)

Volume 11 (1997)

Number 1 An appreciation of Martin Gardner

Volume 10 (1996)

Number 6 & 5 Miracle cures -- The Lourdes Effect II
Number 4 Talking about free speech
Number 3 Hacking into the biggest cover-up in the history of the world -- has the hacker community found evidence that aliens really did land in Area 51?
Number 2 Spring cleaning the mind -- Sherlock Holmes repaints my office
Number 1 Back to the country -- evolution, country music, and the need for a vacation

Volume 9 (1995)

Number 6 Talk-show therapy -- the Lourdes Effect of trash TV talk shows
Number 5 Science can be fun -- the Ig Nobel awards
Number 4 Getting it right and getting it wrong... -- my life as an international conspirator to promote industrial science.
Number 3 Understanding the misunderstanding -- science and the media.
Number 2 The futility of trying to "categorize" skeptics
Number 1 Double standards -- belief as a survival mechanism

Volume 8 (1994)

Number 6 You only live (at least) twice... -- will the real reincarnated Mary, Queen of Scots please stand up?
Number 5 Allergic reactions -- allergies and aliens
Number 4 Media madness -- if music be the food of astrology, help get me off this planet
Number 3 A skeptical voice in a new novel -- Fay Weldon's Affliction
Number 2 Losing faith -- a meeting of former members of the London Church of Christ
Number 1 Distinguishing fantasy from reality -- good and bad science in Jurassic Park

Volume 7 (1993)

Number 6 Pseudoscience in the FOREST -- why we should reclassify smoking as a religion
Number 5 Modern superstitions -- things we know are true
Number 4 An evening with the Miracle Man -- evangelist Morris Cerullo
Number 3 Trial by television -- (no, not OJ) ghosts in Norwich
Number 2 The mismeasure of women -- Carol Tavris's book by the same name
Number 1 The power of the publisher

Volume 6 (1992)

Number 6 Notions of belief -- Dawkins and memes
Number 5 Getting skeptical CIX
Number 4 Hue and cry -- colorful personalities
Number 3 Godbusters and Godmakers -- Indiand skeptic B. Premanand and the Reverend Ivan Stang visit London
Number 2 No one knows anything -- failed predictions
Number 1 The age of the electronic skeptic

Volume 5 (1991)

Number 6 Irritation with irrigation -- Marc Reisner's Cadillac Desert
Number 5 What am I? -- yelling at Brainsex
Number 4 Skeptical fission -- skeptical in-fighting (as in, please stop it)
Number 3 Manage the planet from the comfort of your living room -- SimCity, David Icke, and the Gaia hypothesis
Number 2 Immortality breeds aggression
Number 1 Bringing it all back home -- credits

Volume 4 (1990)

Number 6 So, who is normal? -- Psychic News loses a day's mail, calls in Scotland Yard.
Number 5
Number 4
Number 3
Number 2
Number 1

Volume 3 (1989)

Number 6
Number 5
Number 4
Number 3
Number 2
Number 1

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