Images on the Path of Tibet

Please Note: My Gallery Images are Off-line to conserve space while I upload and download large files related to the courses I am teaching Fall, 2003.

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There is a logic and a story behind each of these images, and a logic that connects one with the other. Trouble is, these are only a slim selection of a longer itinerary (I have 100s of slide portraits of Tibet, India and Nepal). Each slide is usually the product of a negotiation between me and the 'subject.' That is, I got permission to take these images. Usually I exchanged something for the possibility, such as another picture. The images were taken during a 4 month journey mid 1986, during which I met with teachers, meditated, got sick, recovered, and stormed over the mountains like a cloud full of rain.

Since time has passed, there is dust on some of the originals. The originals still look better as slides since the darker areas often reveal additional detail when they projected with light coming from within, I mean from behind the picture. Also, I have excluded a number of portraits from India which really should be part of this set. These days I am quite busy, and to paraphrase Goethe, my duties are the claims of the day. So without support, I can only intimate this journey, and limn what its telling might sound like. It is the sound of cyberspace, perhaps.

The images here are jpgs, with the originals stored as psd's. And since a psd weighs in at 800-1000K, I'm not about to clutter the Actlab server with something like that for more than a day or two. It takes long enough to download a 150K jpg. With the exception of topos01, an illustration included here for the eminds article, all the slides were taken by me, and the originals should be credited as such. You must ask my permission if you wish to redistribute them in any shape or form.

Currently, some of the pictures have been taken off-line for the month of Feb, 2003 for up-keeping. They will be returned in the near future.

Again, these are only a small sample.

Willard Uncapher