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Willard's Plan

Computers: IBM, Mac, Unix.

Time to realign the autoholobiograph! Here's a recent one lifted & re-edited from my login at Bazooka's Pair_O_Dice BBS in Austin,, Tx. There are 5 Questions, each 10-11 lines:

What do you do to get by?
By profession, I am exploring social and cultural contexts and consequences of the use of new technologies, especially in communications. I taught a course entitled, 'The History of Communications: From Paleo-anthropology to Cyberspace' at NYU, and the "Communication Technology and Society" core course at University of Texas at Austin. I have a degree in Indic and Iranian philosophy and culture which I have used as a base to integrate with other traditions, both ancient and contemporary. I have made use of such material as chaos theory, ecology, second order cybernetics, systems theory, and so on. I have organized conferences and other gatherings, such as on grassroots communication, computer networking, worked on videos, and written on such topics as cyberspace, bioregionalism, globalization theory, and politics. With a PhD in Technocultural Studies, I recently worked on founding a Center for Technocultural Studies for Univ. of California, and I am now working with both the sociology and digital arts departments at Univ. of Colorado at Boulder.

What are some of your other interests? How do you spend your time?
Have bicycled down the California coast, canoed in Northern Canada, hitchhiked over the Himalayas, photographed, danced with friends (to enter the new age one must learn how to dance), cooked, traveled thousands of miles to meet friends, lived in a number of places. Cooking... working on the different senses, finding new ways to collaborate, waking up early, going to sleep late, playing with unexpected throws of the die.

What type of computer equipment do you use? Term? Modem? Special add ons?
A Duran AMD 800 mhz notebook with tap sensitive track pad, scanner, two simultanous monitors, voice recognition, midi in's and outs, cable modem with routers to link to other local devices, including a nice MAC powerbook G4, palm pilot, and lots of older machines. If I get more money, then sure, I would like a better setup. Maybe an post-Indigo workstation, with scanners, vid in's and out's, Mattel PowerGlove, Sega's 3-D Shutter glasses, (see, I'm not greedy, just the basics for now), Sense8's World Tool Kit, Psychic Labs's Interactive BrainWave Visual Analyzer, some digital vid software to go with my high 8 camcorder, maybe a Peavey sampler/mixer, a Korg keyboard or similar, or a used 4 track (these sound like peripherals, don't they?)... and lots of friends, indeed a public, with a similar setup.

Why do you use a modem and what does cyberspace do for you?
dreamdancedreamdancedream: dayliteshours embrace knightswoon. Calculation drones yield to time leapers as tendrilled axons dipping into cosmic mines displace moody pea splitters. Ah, brave new work, that the CIA and NSA and Secret Service and Telco could want to calculate and spell you from their eyre, but we get together and muse together and lean and learn together, feel together, dancetogether. Reed the advertisement: invented for a sense coming to you soon.

Now is your chance to impress us with interesting facts about yourself!
How 'bout a story? 'Twas third grade and my friend Read, who had more money than me, said he would pay me a quarter if I could figure a way to keep us out in recess for another 20 minutes. So at recess' end, I promptly climbed a tree to its top. Above, white fluffy clouds drifted eastwards in an otherwise blue sky. A beautiful day that I still clearly remember. Sure, below I could occasionally hear the distant shouts of the teacher. So I stayed there my 20 minutes, enjoying the empyrean life and its beauty... and getting paid for it as well! An image of life in art, for the teacher got over it, I got my quarter, my friends enjoyed the free time, and I was able to smuggle something as precious as life (or was it life?) back to reality.

Earth DimensionAddress:
Willard Uncapher, Ph.D. Network Emergence. 8706 Kendall Court, Arvada, CO 80003