RTF309/Com309 - Spring 1997
    "Communication Technology & Society"
    Willard Uncapher, Instructor
    Kyle Nicholas, TA

    CMA 2.320
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00 to 1:00 pm.
    Class URL: http://www.actlab.utexas.edu/~paradox/rtf309-97.html
    Class Discussion Newsgroup: utexas.class.rtf309

  • Office Hours. Don't forget that you can always see me or Kyle during office hours. We enjoy the feedback, and you get a chance to ask more specific questions, make comments, and in general, we can learn about somethng the things that we don't have time or theme to discuss during class. My new office is located on the seventh floor, Rm 7.266 (located in that corridor running behind where one gets off the elevators). I some times run errands down to the main RTF office, Rm 6.118, or to the ACTLab, on the NorthEast corner, 5th Floor CMA.
  • Useful Links. Don't forget that I have added some useful Web links, including <http://www.ccon.org/hotlinks/hotlinks.html> to the Virtual Worlds 'Industry' Page.
  • Post Class FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Below is a list of course materials and resources.

Willard Uncapher, 6.118 CMA, Univ. of Texas @ Austin
Austin, Tx. 78712-1091, Fax 512-471-4077; Office 512-926-8588; paradox@actlab.utexas.edu