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[I swore to myself I wouldn't do this.]
[I currently have about 3200 comic links to put here before this is done, and only about 600 linkmarks done, is why.]
[I may die of old age before I finish, at a handful per night.]
As far as "finishing" the larger task, I've seen one web site claiming to index 100,000 web comics, so, no, that won't be happening.

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Purpose: Comics are read more easily and with less overhead for both reader and publishing site if they are accessed roughly as often as they are updated. Comics that have limitations on how far back you can go in the archives need special priority, too. This list attempts to give the comic reader access to a list of comics I read, and the frequency at which I access them, which is only implied to be approximately their update frequency. There are only a handful of exceptions to the maxim "web comic authors frequently miss updates". No comment as to the quality of the comics or the comics' suitability for all readers is intended by their being included here, I have strange tastes, and some of these comics frankly stink, while others are quite ribald.
Disclaimer: Pretty much every link icon here without exception is image manipulated by me from an original work created by someone else, either a link designed by the comic author that didn't quite fit my layout, or a recognizable image ripped bleeding by me from the comic site, either case of which is still copyright by the respective owners of the respective original comic sites despite my best efforts to make their work an absolutely unrecognizable muddle. Everyone, at least once, needs to read Matthew Skala's famous article "What Colour are your bits?" about the difference between the math of digital media and the law of digital media to decide for themselves just how they want to treat copyrights on bits. Whatever part of what I created in munging these logos is somehow "mine" you are quite free to take for personal use (see below).
Usage: Trying to read web comics directly from this page won't work very well; I doubt my ISP is set up to handle the traffic, and there's no need you suffering the delays of going via this site to get to comics elsewhere. Instead, every (very spread out) so often, do your browser's equivalent of "download full web page", to put the page and all the link icons onto your local hardware, and read comics from that. I find that it works very well to use a tabbed browser, and to open half a dozen comics one by one into new tabs, then read them in the order they finish arriving. This puts lots of the download delays in parallel with your reading. Then just close each tab as you finish reading the comic, and when you've read all you had opened, go do some more.
Pending? Update frequency sections that contain a "Pending" button are either not begun or not yet finished. Those without such a button have linkmarks for my entire current set of browser bookmarks for that update frequency section. More may be added later, though. Why are these other sections not finished? It takes a whole eight hour long night to add 12 links to this list, since I have to build most of the link icons myself, and last time I counted, I had more than 1700 comics bookmarked. Most nights, I manage more like two or three links added. I'll finish when I finish. Meanwhile, enjoy the part that is completed.
Grumble: Several commercial comic sites that carry comics by a wide variety of web comic artists, despite that these sites litter their pages with advertising to the near exclusion of space for the (usually too tiny) comics, also use obnoxious pop-up and pop-under advertising, advertising deliberately written to evade browser controls against exactly such malicious mischief. That is, knowing that you don't want such ads on your computer, they are working hard to force the ads onto your computer anyway, instead of, say, just adding them to the page with the comic as still more clutter, but clutter that would at least go away when you click to a different web page. That kind of behavior is simply bad business ethics. Often, with such bad ethics at work, these are the very same sites whose web pages are installing privacy violating spyware on your computer unknown to you. These extra computer screen windows consume computer display resources, chew up CPU cycles, can sometimes make your browser or even your computer's operating system freeze, waste your time finding and dismissing them, and just generally show contempt for readers and for the well being of their computers. As fair warning to the reader, comics hosted on sites known to use such pop-up and pop-under ads are marked by being followed (sometimes on the next row) in the update sets below by this symbol: (thanks to CoolClips for that clip art). While boycotting those large comic sites would be nice, in the end only the comic artists would be injured. Instead, you might do this.
  • Boycott the advertised products.
  • Write complaints to the comic site contact email address about their poor business ethics.
  • Write complaints to the advertisers at their home page contact address; mention that you are boycotting their products and them for using obnoxious advertising methods.
  • Write to comic artists calling the advertising practices to their attention, and suggesting that their reputations would be improved by them using commercial comics sites with better business ethics.
Mutter: There's a lot of misunderstanding of just how far this effort is from completion, so, I've put up a separate list with all the unconverted bookmarks shown as text links, so that readers can get a visual aid image of how much work is left to do, and so that those unduly worried about whether their comic is destined to be a linkmark someday can see the future, and weep, cheer, or yawn, as appropriate.
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Cheers! Nice things happen to those who strive. Here's a site whose subject matter is web comics which mentions this site.
Warning: I'm retired, and still cannot really read all these comics as fast as they are updated, I just cherry pick whatever suits my mood. It would be soul and life destroying for a person in less idle circumstances to try to read all of these comics. Use a bit of sense in how much you try to do, so that your real life remains real for you.

Comics listed by posting frequency.

No Archive

Subscription Only

Limited Archive

Seven Days Per Week

Six Days Per Week

Five Days Per Week

Four Days Per Week

Seven Days Per Two Weeks

Three Days Per Week

Five Days Per Two Weeks

Every Four Days

Every Five Days

Two Days Per Week

Three Days Per Two Weeks

One Day Per Week

One Day Per Two Weeks

Two Days Per Month

One Day Per Month

Irregular, Almost Daily

Irregular, Several Times A Week

Irregular, Almost Weekly

Irregular, Several Times A Month

Irregular, Almost Monthly

Irregular, Several Times A Year

Irregular, Total Surprise / Unknown

Comics still available to be read online but not updating and announced to be Completed

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