I'm primerily looking for a job doing individual contributor level software development, far preferably under some version of Unix, but in a wide choice of programming languages. Other taskings may also be of interest.

I've been programming since 1961, and a full description of my software exploits is more than most folks can put to any good use, so I use a "recent news only" resume as my standard submission.

Rather than email the bulky remainder to unsuspecting recruiters, what I call my "jobsearch kit" is now available online, starting at this URL.

Despite its name, that is really just a links index file pointing to the useful stuff.

Some recruiters love having all this stuff available for thoroughness, some hate it for wordiness, most fall in between these two extremes. Putting it online (all roughly 30 pages of it) lets recruiters look at just the parts they want to see, and save the expense of hardcopy.

To save you wasted time on an inquiry, no, I cannot furnish this information in MS_WORD or WordPerfect format, nor read documents sent to me in either format, nor does my email do attachments. Plain text email or HTML web pages are about the best my hardware, software, and Internet Service Provider combination will allow.

The material available online should be considered as well for other job openings which match the skills and experience shown.

Since I keep an active hand in my jobsearch myself, it is a really good idea for placement folks to ask before submitting me for a particular job, to save embarrassment and wasted time all around.


Kent Paul Dolan,

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