Resume of Kent Paul Dolan


Volatile at present, using short term apartment housing in downtown Phoenix, AZ.


2 North Central Avenue, Suite 170, Box 234, Phoenix, AZ 85004.


[I have no current phone, but contacted via email, I can return calls by appointment to toll-free or collect-call numbers.]

Email (permanent account, best short-fuse contact method) (permanent account, best long-fuse contact method)


1967 BS Math, University of North Carolina, much Computer Science since, including some MS level graduate studies.


Seeking senior software developer individual contributor taskings.

Expert In

Programming on Sun hardware, using Unix and its tools: emacs, vi, awk, sed, ftp, etc.; programming in C, C++, Fortran77, Modula-2, and Pascal; scripting in Korn Shell; programming for simple 3-D line-drawn computer graphics internals and applications, and for data analysis and filtering, typesetting, and scientific applications.

Skilled At

Programming in Java, programming on DEC/VMS platforms; programming in Ada83, and Logo; scripting in Bourne Shell, C Shell, FTP, SNMX, MS-DOS Batch, Perl5, and Procomm Plus; SNMP-1 MIB-II callback implementation; use of the Graphical Kernel System API, the Computer Graphics Metafile API, WordPerfect and MS-Word; satellite telephony applications.

Experienced With

Programming in Ada95, assembly languages, Clipper87, Lisp, PL/1, and MS Mouse Menus; METAFONT programming and design; scripting in TeX and in make and other build file languages; programming on IBM mainframes and PC clones; programming for cartography, oceanography, and meteorology, and for CAD/CAM internals; and Framemaker use.

Recent Software Developer Experiences (just a taste, I started in 1961)

unemployed 1/2001 to present. Java hobby programming in Artificial Intelligence domain, using Genetic and Memetic algorithms.

eBay Incorporated direct hire 2000-2001. C++/Solaris expert very low level debugging across all of huge existing code suite; build script replacement; process improvement whitepapers.

IBM/Whistle Communications, direct hire, 1999-2000, InterJet II and Web Connections projects. Learn low level email handling software, do business planning, requirements, specification, design, coding, testing, maintaining, and engineering level support for the low level email software, on a PC-clone FreeBSD Unix system in C, C++, HTML, and Perl5 of software to run on a proprietary Thin Server Platform computer also running FreeBSD, and further using a third PC-clone running MS-Windows 98 as a client of the target system.

Superior Technical Design, Inc., indirect hire to Honeywell / CAS / ATS, 1998-1999, SATCOM Prime project. Specification, design, coding, on a VAX/VMS system in ANSI C, of a software upgrade for a telephony system installed in commercial aircraft and communicating via Inmarsat geostationary satellite relay points. Desktop technology was Windows for Workgroups 3.11, vim editor, perl5, WordPerfect 5.1.

Indotronix, Inc., indirect hire to Motorola SCS, 1996-1998, Iridium I project. Did MIB-II network control software in SNMX (Simple Network Management eXecutive) and C Shell scripts. Did SNMP callbacks, fault management code, and operations management code in C++/C. Wrote scripts for various scaffolding uses and SNMP alarm trap generation in a mix of Perl5, nawk, sed, csh, and (dt)ksh scripts, including Perl scripts to write HTML and dtksh script source code. Also worked on software build and release tasks, and on software test and integration tasks. Did minor Tcl/Tk software maintenance.

Qualcomm, Inc., direct hire, 1995-1996. Simulated satellite to cellular phone signalling traffic in mixed C++ and C.

Computer Sciences Corporation, indirect hire to US Navy's Fleet Numerical METOC Center, 1992-1994. Did cyclone forecasters' assistant MS-DOS workstation and Unix datacomm software in Ada83, Fortran77, Pascal, C, Clipper87, FTP and Bourne Shell scripts, and seven other languages.

Advanced Decision Systems, freelance contract, 1991. Designed and programmed a small font in METAFONT; integrated it into and cleaned up the client's corporate TeX and LaTeX word processing workflow and font control.

Software Publishing Corporation, direct hire, 1989-1990. Designed and implemented fancy typesetting in C for MS-DOS Harvard Graphics 3.0.


Highest held: Top Secret, until about mid-1972.

Most recent: DoD contractor Secret, until 2 December 1996.

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