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I am primarily seeking work doing software implementation on a Unix platform in Ada, C, C++, Fortran, Java, or Perl. The chance to learn and use new programming languages and tools is an important consideration in my choice of jobs. Since I have a wide variety of past taskings and experience, other suitable jobs should also be put forward by potential employers.
Recent Work History:
unemployed, 01/2001 - present, doing hobbiest programming in Java.
   Task: Create a tutorial software suite in the fields of Genetic Algorithms and Memetic Algorithms, using the Symmetric Euclidian Travelling Salesman Problem as an example, for use by beginning researchers.
   Target: Any Java-capable platform.
   Environment: Development is being done under the Cygwin Unix-work-alike wrapper and under the Windows-XP operating system, most recently in Java 1.4.2.
   Languages: Java, gmake scripts, BASH scripts.
   Tools: Cygwin/GNU kit, vim() editor.
eBay Incorporated, employee, 05/2000 - 01/2001, Product Development team member for world's largest online auction site,
   Task: C++ code maintenance and extention: finding and removing crash causes in an existing 1/8th gigabyte Unix Solaris source code suite; replacing dysfunctional build scripts; refactoring source code; mentoring less experienced programmers.
   Target: Sun Server 10000, Solaris; Windows NT Server 4.0, PC Clone servers.
   Environment: WindowsNT Server 4.0 desktop providing telnet and ftp access to Sun and Solaris development facilities in various flavors.
   Languages: C++ sources; Perl5, ksh, sh, gmake scripts.
   Tools: GNU gcc and g++; CVS, ClearCase for NT and Solaris; WFTP-Pro; vim, usual GNU generic Unix toolkit and Sun's Solaris toolkit.
Whistle/IBM, employee, 09/1999 - 04/2000, InterJet II Internet appliance project, WebConnections small business Internet connectivity service project.
   Task: Email internals programming and remote telnet customer support.
   Target: FreeBSD and other open source software, proprietary hardware.
   Environment: FreeBSD and GNU tools for development, MS-Windows as test client, Sun Servers for mass storage.
   Languages: C, C++, M4, Perl, ksh, csh, sh, Unix build tools, HTML.
   Tools: CVS version control system, vim editor, gimp image manipulator, xv image manipulator, Netscape 4.7 browser, ftp, telnet, etc.
Honeywell, contract, 11/1998 - 03/1999, SATCOM project in cooperation with Racal Ltd.
   Task: Satellite (INMARSAT) telephony real time embedded software for aircraft cockpit and cabin use.
   Target: VRTX real time embedded OS, proprietary aircraft "line replaceable unit" hardware.
   Environment: DEC VAX/VMS, local (Phoenix) and remote (England).
   Languages: C, Perl.
   Tools: WordPerfect word processor, vim editor, sccs software configuration control system.
Motorola, contract, 05/1996 - 01/1998, IRIDIUM project.
   Task: Real time embedded satellite telephony ground control software, SNMP agents and fault handling, for 40 workstation distributed data and processing envirnoment.
   Target: pSOS real time embedded OS, Motorola VMEbus Chassis with proprietary M68040-based hardware.
   Environment: SunOS Unix, Sun Solaris Unix, Sun Sparcstations HP Openview, Orbix CORBA.
   Languages: C++, Desktop Korn Shell, Perl, C Shell, SNMX (System Network Management Executive), ASN.1, BER, MIB-II.
   Tools: Framemaker, Microsoft Word word processors, Microsoft Project scheduler, vi, emacs editors, IBM's Configuration Management Version Control (CMVC).
Qualcomm, employee, 07/1995 - 05/1196, Globalstar project.
   Task: Real time embedded satellite telephony call handoff and call handoff simulation.
   Target: VxWorks real time embedded OS, Sun Solaris.
   Environment: SunOS and Solaris Unix, Sun Sparcstations.
   Languages: C, C++, Perl, C Shell.
   Tools: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Project for Macintosh.
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Command, contract, 07/1992 - 12/1994, ATCF project.
   Task: Learn, maintain, enhance, and port workstation software for an Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecasters' Assistant workstation tool.
   Targets: MS-DOS, PC-clone, (port to) SCO SYSVR3 Unix, HPUX, SYSVR4 Unix.
   Environment: MS-DOS, Sun OS Unix, Sun Sparcstations, AT&T 3B2, SYSVR3 Unix, SCO Xenix, SCO Unix, Internet, HPUX, HP9000, SYSVR4 Unix.
   Languages: Fortran, Procomm Plus ASPECT, Clipper 87, Bourne Shell, C, Korn Shell, C++, C Shell, Ada 83, FTP scripts, Gnat (Ada 95 prototype), awk, MS-DOS Batch, sed, Procomm COMMAND, dBase III.
   Tools: Microemacs editor, Microsoft C, Janus Ada 83, Microsoft FORTRAN, ADW (Application Developer's Workbench) CASE tool.
Other employment: Prior to the above detailed jobs are 32 more years of computer programming, mixed in with school employment, Navy military service, US NOAA Corps non-military uniformed service, and other jobs whose main focus was elsewhere. Included are about 12 dozen programming languages, 3 dozen platforms and environments. Computer graphics is the highlight of much of this programming, some was business programming, but most was scientific or technical programming. Details about all this are available; you can pick and choose for yourself at my web site.
Education: BS Math (Carleton College and University of North Carolina) 1968, partial MS Computer Science (Old Dominion University) 1988.

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