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The words “Great Gimp Stuff for Free” in very fancy multicolor text form.

Did that get your attention?

Here are some brushes, patterns, and gradients that you can add to your personal resources for The GIMP, the wonderful, equally free, "GNU" Image Manipulation Program from the nice folks at Just download the indicated zip files that archive the resources, unpack them into the appropriate one of the brushes, gradients, and patterns directories wherever your personal GIMP stuff is stored for you, and the next time you start The GIMP, they will be right there available to be used by you.

This archive is organized as a set of download links right here on the main page, and beside each download link, a link to an examples page where you can preview what you will be able to do with what you get.

Mainly, this keeps large graphics files off this main page. Fair warning: some of the rest of the pages here contain PNG images a couple of mibibytes in size, so if you're accessing this archive on a slow connection, expect painful waits.

Without further chatter then, here's the Stuff!

What It Is, Briefly The Zip File Download Link The Example Page Link
Brushes shaped like ragged–edged predator claws. Ragged Claw GIMP Brushes Download Ragged Claw Gimp Brushes Use Examples
Patterns of accurate human skin tones. Human Skin Tone GIMP Patterns Download Human Skin Tone GIMP Patterns Use Examples
Grass patterns for making lawns. Grass GIMP Patterns Download Grass GIMP Patterns Use Examples
Miscellaneous patterns for making miscellania. Miscellaneous GIMP Patterns Download Miscellaneous GIMP Patterns Use Examples
Miscellaneous gradients and a bit of tutorial. Miscellaneous GIMP Gradients Download Miscellaneous GIMP Gradients Use Examples
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