Grass GIMP Patterns Examples of Use
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Kent Paul Dolan,

Here (Grass Gimp Patterns Zip File) are a set of 11 patterns for your GIMPing pleasure. Download them and install them in your user–level GIMP “patterns” directory. They are useful for giving your outdoor scenes some natural–looking lawns.

These are really big and seamless patterns which make for nice pictures without bad repetition artifacts. Be warned, though, the zip file is too big to fit on a floppy disk. Contact me if that's an issue for you.

Nine of these have been published before, back in 2002 when I built them with POV-Ray. I've changed the internal and external names to help cluster resources from me under a "KPD" grouping, for those who like to keep one author's work contiguous in a GIMP dialog's display.

The other two are new in 2005, built from existing patterns that were too “artifacty” for successful use.

Grass Gimp Pattern Test Sheet PNG file

These grass GIMP patterns can be used to make fairly decorative lawns, if you garbage them up a bit with shadows and hue shifting to make them less boring.

Furry Barren Better Grass Example JPG file

[Sorry for the JPG file format on that image, the PNG was just too huge for casual download, about 2.2 mibibytes.]

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