Miscellaneous GIMP Gradients Examples of Use
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Kent Paul Dolan, xanthian@well.com

Here (Miscellaneous Gimp Gradients Zip File) are a set of 5 gradients for your GIMPing pleasure. Download them and install them in your user–level GIMP “gradients” directory. They are useful for creating smooth or abrupt shadings across surfaces, and thereby perhaps giving a three dimensional look to your artwork. More advanced use has them creating textures and interesting patterns almost as if by magic.

I use a couple of these gradients in almost every significant work of art I create, so except for the Test Sheet, there is no other art included here; there's just too much from which to choose!

Since gradients are something, like emacs, that I wish I'd first tried a whole lot sooner, much more powerful than I'd believed even though everyone told me so, this section of this archive makes some small attempt to be tutorial, beyond just passing out the gradient files to readers, in hopes others will take the gradient–plunge sooner.

Other than that, there's nothing much here, so on to the Test Sheet and its tutorial words of "GIMP wisdom".

Gimp Gradient Test Sheet PNG file

Ah, now there's something else here. Taking that rightmost of the four gradient use examples on the test sheet, I cut away the gray area, then filled the gap with a drunkard's walk algorithm modified by ratcheting in the colored areas off and on. The result, after a couple of hours of button pushing, but the only intelligent user input being the firing off of the two gradients to make the moire fringe, and the choice of pattern to use to fill it, the bright and cheerful abstract below resulted, suitably scaled up to make it look important. This again illustrates the ability of the gradient to create information for the artist to use.

Mechanized Art from Use of the Gradient PNG file

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