Ragged Claw GIMP Brushes Examples of Use
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Kent Paul Dolan, xanthian@well.com

Here (Ragged Claw Gimp Brushes Zip File) are a set of 26 brushes for your GIMPing pleasure. Download them and install them in your user–level GIMP “brushes” directory. They are useful for giving your ravenous beasts some realistic looking claws.

Ragged Claw Brush Test Sheet PNG file

If you want to play with them to make some more, perhaps with different aspect ratios, saturations and lightnesses, or orientations, this, the base image from which they were scaled down and saved, might be of use.

Ragged Claw Base Image PNG file

Here is an example of a closely related claw brush in use, differing in having been “Filters=>Artistic=>SoftGlow”–ed to lighten it up a bit, and in having smoother edges, just so you can see how effective such a brush might be. I'm sorry about the rest of the picture, a sad blend of badger, elephant, basset hound, star–nosed mole, bee, and skink, which is the product of eighty hours of effort dominated by laziness. It would have taken another two or three days of work just to add the missing shadows, for example. My passing grade in college art class was a pure gift.

“Sippy Straw” JPG file

Here are two more base images I haven't had, and may never have, time to turn into brushes, but it would be a shame just to throw them away as I go back to a homeless status. Enjoy!

This one is the smoother–edged (just a few small nicks) version of the one above.

Smoother–Edged Claw Base Image PNG file

This one is a tusk–colored version of the just previous one. I had a bit of serendipity with this one. I wanted tarter–like striations oriented along the tooth growth direction. I used a (self–designed) black and white gradient with a narrow black band and a wide white one, in radial mode, to fill the tusk outline selection with a set of radial black narrow stripes. Then I replaced them with some tarter coloring. Then I used the Filters=>Noise=>Spread just once to scatter a few pixels of the tarter color into the white part. Then I used the Filters=>Artistic=>Oilify (the lucky part) with a small patch size to give a bit of a blobby character. The good luck was that Oilify randomly ignored much of the original striping, giving the splendid effect you see, after an application of Filters=>Blur=>Gaussian Blur to blend away the sharp edges of the Oilify output. Probably this base image should be re-aspected to be narrower, before being converted to brushes.

Smoother–Edged Tusk Base Image PNG file

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