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Fair Warning to Impatient Recruiters and Hiring Managers: I'm a chatty person, face-to-face and in print.

What I'm Doing with My Life: I'm not good at doing nothing, so I have lots of projects underway all the time.

My Current Circumstances: I've reached the point in life called "semi-retired", where ever working again is fairly optional. However, a "good enough" job will lure me back into the work force. I don't go looking for jobs, but I do consider jobs that come looking for me. As part of that life circumstance attitude shift, though, I'm mostly interested at this time in offers of telecommute jobs, and for snowbelt states, that's all I'll consider. I'd welcome a "relocation paid" move to Austin TX or Seattle WA, would at least consider "relocation paid" moves to other sunbelt locations with favorable state income tax situations and big software engineering job markets, but otherwise I prefer to work henceforth from my comfy couch here in Tempe AZ via my broadband connection.

Currently, and since 2006/02, I'm unemployed and mostly idle, in a mood only to telecommute except for extraordinary jobs, since my housing where I am now is pre-paid by a bequest.
I'm also moderately independently wealthy [with enough money to live poor "forever" without further effort] due to an inheritance plus a small military pension, and am trying to decide whether to retire permanently or continue accepting gainful employment "for the gravy".
Please consider me only for socially redeeming, very well paid, technically interesting work, usually just work that can be done across a high speed internet link.
My most useful current skill is Java applications and graphical interface programming, in scientific or technical areas. Almost everything else, I'd have to relearn at least in part, after a very long break from other programming.

I was most recently (2005/11/14 - 2006/02) working for the Decision Theater of Arizona State University. It was not a well paying job, but it was a technically challenging one, in domains I loved to work within, with splendid "programmer's toys" and, after almost five years unemployed, I was pathetically grateful for the chance to be useful to the world again.
Unfortunately it didn't work out well, as the managers there tried to implement "eXtreme programming" as "change the software specifications twice weekly" (literally), without ever putting into place all the support structures real "rapid application development" models call out, like two person team programming and degrading performance to meet deadlines, so nothing ever got finished or delivered by me, just "close enough for management to redesign it" based on seeing their prior design couldn't work in their real world system.

I was most recently before that (2001/01/03) doing C++ programming at eBay, with the assigned tasks of helping make the existing broken code stop crashing so much, plus replacing the broken build scripts. When I left, these things worked better because of my efforts.

[You'd break your work history into digestible chunks too, after over 45 years of typing software at defenseless computers.]

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