Search engines in popular use.

General Purpose Search Engines

Northern Lights

This is currently the Web's most popular search site, and is rumored to have indexed the biggest chunk of the net of any search engine, as well. It has the unfortunate habit of larding ads having no relationship whatever into the midst of your returned search results, with no way to distinguish them but to waste your time wading through the whole text of the ad looking for what might have triggered its inclusion. Generally not worth the time it wastes for the time it might save.

All the Web, All the Time: Search Engine

These folks claim the intent of indexing a billion web pages by "the end of the year", whenever that might be. Too bad the web is already several times that size.


This site does general purpose search, blazingly fast. Huge responses are typical, metered out in tiny batches so you don't miss any of the ads.


This site contains a general purpose search engine, but that engine can be run in child - protective filtered mode. The site is part of "Go" network, with Disney and others.


The web's first and foremost portal site, provides lots of prescreened classified indices, and a fairly good search engine. Provides free email accounts.


This is a general purpose site, plus a portal offering free web access and home pages as an option.


This site shines for powerful advanced search syntax in a general purpose search engine

Google! Search Engine

Stanford University's original research version.


This is the inevitable commercial version; these are very fast, powerful and accurate, but so far have a narrow window to the web; lots gets missed.

Welcome to

Strangely enough, this goes to, a site which seems identical, except for the name, to There could be some DNS aliasing happening here, but the IP addresses are quite different.

This is a straightforward search engine, not to be confused with the Go network version. This one has the happy feature of dumping the first 40 hits it finds on the first reply screen without extra effort on the part of the user.


This is a pretty little general purpose search engine, an oldie and a goodie. You have to like the spider icon.

CNET's Search Engine

This is a general purpose site which uses the InfoSeek engine.

Info Hiway

This site is very much a portal as well as a search engine, but the splash page is tidy and comes up fast.

Open Text

This site may be defunct, it was once the biggest full text index on the web.

World Wide Web Worm

This ancient site is no longer among the living; the link now leads to It was once a useful full text search indexing 'bot, and may have been the first such agent.

This is a general purpose search site, which is slow to load because of the tons of cruft that come along with the search requestor.

Red Hot Chilli

Small, hand edited set of "quality" sites on a useful set of topics. The alternative to drowning in hits, I suppose.

Netscape's Netcenter

What can I say, they give away their browser, source and all. This part of their massive web presence has asearch widget, but the focus is on other services they offer.

Net Search with Netscape

What can I say, they let the evil empire buy them out when times got hard. Here is where you go to find mainly a net search focus.

Look Smart

Another search site that has pre-catagorized and pre-reviewed search topic areas. A nice feature is the ability to limit search to a city, for those times when the local stuff that is all you really want seems to have gotten lost in the greater data stream.

Magellan Internet Guide

One of the old reliables (well, maybe, or maybe just rented the name), with smart search mechanisms that try to analyze the semantics of your search rather than just blindly searching for the text. Also includes an instance

Magellan Search Voyeur

of the ever popular "snoop on other people's search criteria" toys.


Full featured portal site with classified link tables, searches, free email accounts, music room, and a very powerful advanced search engine that permits tailoring the importance of search measures of merit. It was a Carneige Mellon University development.

Starting Point

This is a very popular portal site.


From the web page; it is amazing what you can find blundering around the net. FREE Web Services Unlimited Web Space; Free Site Support; FREE Counter; FREE Chat Room; FREE Clip Art; FREE Email; Daily E-Newsletter; NEW! E-Fax! FREE Media Services Greeting Cards; Media Sharehouse; Download Software; Stream Classic Movies. FREE Resources FREE Website Tuneup; Free Biz Website; Small Business Center; Web Promo Services. Oh, and it's a search engine too.


This site is an absolute must see, at its mirror location:

AliWeb, The Web's Oldest Search Engine

It isn't the least bit fancy, but the front page may be the best categorization of excellent web sites around. I bookmarked it for the comics listings alone. This is _not_ a web crawler driven site; it accepts links by submission only, with the philosophy of keeping the burden of web crawlers on web sites to a minimum. The main site is moving and under construction, but this mirror site seems to be doing quite nicely.

Meta Search Engines: get results from several other engines

All 4 One MetaSearch

Clean, fast, text only pages; this engine does a metasearch over several other sites, returns the results "breadthwise", an especially useful order, with all first returns first, then next returns. Worked well for me.


Clean, fast, well organized meta-search engine.


Another clean, fast, well organized meta-search engine; does picture searches, too.

Inference Find

Very clean looking little metasearch engine. Light on confusing terminology, heavy on functionality and clearly written help.

Savvy Search

Search once, find everything! [Or so they say.]

Search Engines of Savvy Search

Here is a list of the two hundred engines the Savvy Search metasearch engine can access.


Well, this one claims five hundred subordinate search engines. And, it seems to have them, but their use is limited to one at a time, not all at once.


This is a cheesy little parallel meta-search engine, but it works OK.

Net Locator

This is a meta-search site with a nice feature; enter your search string once, then pull down a select list to submit to your search engine of choice. The search string can be reused without retyping as often as desired to submit it to other sites, a real win for slow typists. The only problem is that the site is still in its teething stages, and there are both mechanical HTML page layout problems, and response time problems. With luck, these will clear up.


This is a good meta-search engine, and also very popular because of one of its features,


which lets you watch what other people search for using MetaCrawler, endlessly entertaining in itself, and then, if you have fast enough hands, you can capture and duplicate that search.

Meta-Meta Engines and Sites

The focus here is on identifying other search engines, rather than on using them.

The Web Robots Database

This is a huge, but slowly growing stale, database about web search engines. That make it meta-meta data for this page. Lists 208 different robots, as of the time I checked.

WORLD SEARCH - World Wide Search Engines

This site is another meta-meta, which searches the world for search engines, by categories.

Search Engine Watch

Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission. The site has search engine reviews and listings, also. Generally an excellent tool for the search engine investigator or seeker.

Metasearch Engines

Very pretty little student page with a nicely laid out classification of meta-search engines and access to them. However, most of the links are ages stale.

The List of All Bots

List site botspot tries to be what it says it is, and rates the bots as well; that makes it a meta-meta site again.

Software Bots

Here is one example of what botspot is all about.

Special Purpose Search Engines

focus tightly on a small subset of the web


UK focused search destination with web and image search, along with a British Dictionary. It is pretty, and functional, and it has a browsable dictionary, a real treat. It was still fairly spartan when I checked, lacking a "hits" counter, for example, but this is natural, with a March 2004 first release.

This tidily arranged set of "Online Yellow Pages and Business Directory" links can be useful in many ways. Elsewhere, I have linked one of its city by city yellow pages listings as a job search aid to help locals find local employers.

The Big Book

This is a national yellow pages site.

Ameritech Yellow Pages

This is another yellow pages site, a straight forward and pretty site for searching for businesses by category, name, and geographic area.


This site's splash page describes it as a business directory, but it was out of business due to relocation when checked.

Global Research And Directory Of Educational Sites

This site is apparently defunct, though its former host site is thriving.


This is a specialty search engine specializing in Australia and New Zealand sites.


This site has changed its name to; is the archiving service lost too? Anyway, searching Usenet postings is or was a specialty here, and the site is also an extremely popular free email site.


This is a special city by city index to excellence in web page design.


This site provides a white pages people finder service.


This site provides a white pages people finder service, a yellow pages business finder service, a reference finder service, and several other specialized searches.

Who Where

Another people finder search site, dumps user to other sites for further help, which turns out better than it reads.

What's New

Current travel and entertainment news and tickets.


This site seems to be a search engine limited to searching pre-reviewed high quality sites.

Other stuff of interest about search engines and their sites

Netscape FAQ

This is a Frequently Asked Questions page, not a search engine at all.

Indiana University

This site is just an academic paper about meta-search engines, but it contains some links and some wisdom.

Table of Search Engines
redundant with above, awaiting reorganization

INFO HIWAY MAGELLAN not the real thing any more, or maybe ever.
Here is where the original magellan search engine is really hiding these days, the name doesn't even appear on the site!

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