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This is this web comic's only navigation device, because it gives an easy single point of (author) control rather than me having to maintain on a per-comic basis every HTML page to update what is "current", or else having to make the pages dynamic, a pain.

The standard web comic "about" page.

The (huge) standard web comic "links to comics I like" page.

[For now, the comic is nearly on hold while I work on the above huge (more than 1700 entries) comic linkmarks list, which is taking a few months or maybe a few years.]

The comics, one by one, in reverse order of posting.

Comic Number Comic Date Reserved for Ads
0006 2007/08/28 Happy 54th birthday,
fiancee Jeanette!
0005 2007/05/11  
0004 2007/05/10  
0003 2007/05/09  
0002 2007/05/09  
0001 2007/05/09  

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