The Modern Goddess’ Guide to Life:
How to be Absolutely Divine on a Daily Basis

(Available everywhere, May 2004!)

A sassy and practical guide to the Goddess you know you are.

Indulge yourself in divinely inspired quizzes and games! Join the 13 modern Goddesses who hang out at the cosmic spa and are out to change the world together (with as much fun and laughter as possible).

Empower your own joy and win fabulous prizes like self-confidence, communication skills, self-esteem, career success, and great sex (of course).

Most of all, let your Goddess-ness shine!

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The 13 Modern Goddesses

Mother Goddess 

The Girlfriend Goddess

Goddess of Love 

Activist Goddess

Bad Girl Goddess

Princess Goddess


Corporate Goddess
Sex Goddess 
The Out-to-Change-the-World Goddess 
The Trickster Goddess 
Goddess of Wrath and Unintentional Destruction 
The Ultimate Goddess


Francesca De Grandis

Photos: Brian Peterson

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Praise for The Modern Goddess' Guide to Life

"I enjoyed this book immensely...Like all good humorists, Francesca De Grandis has a radical and subversive agenda...By linking 'compassion' and 'wisdom' with 'great sex', she has performed a service for all three. She has freed the first two of the unnecessary baggage of ponderousness and high seriousness ... and given to great sex its rightful place... [I] hope that now that I know the inner secrets and various types of Goddesses that I'll be a more compassionate and wiser person who has better sex." -- Peter Coyote, actor, writer.

How to be Absolutely Divine on a Daily Basis
by Francesca De Grandis
(Sourcebooks, ISBN 1402201656, $12.95 pb)

Copyright 2004, Francesca De Grandis.

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