Share My Insanity. It Improves Everything

Share My Insanity:
It Improves Everything
(White River Press, $22, September 2011)
Francesca De Grandis

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* Trickster Spirituality * Divine Madness *

Self-Help meets Mad Hatter meets chaos theoryand a few recipes.

Sanity is not always the best option. Inner peace, personal growth, recovery from trauma, career advancement, prosperity, sensitivity to others, community service, and social change can demand a shift—to illuminated lunacy. Crazy times call for healthy madness!

Share My Insanity
* goes the last nine yards to our personal dreams, human rights, and Gaia's well-being.
* is experiential mysticism—a process that heals the spirit. Not intellectual discourse, but a cultural matrix for a new paradigm.
* supports the whole multifaceted you.

An interdisciplinary interweaving of newly-evolving DNA

* Available on Amazon * And Barnes and Noble *
Or a copy signed by the author;
personally inscribed if you wish.

Francesca De Grandis AKA Outlaw Bunny is multi-purpose: humorist, shamanic guide, public figure, semi-recluse, bardic-brat, mystic genius, middle management for Chaos Gods. Busy, busy rabbit. Francesca teaches ecstatic-spirituality for people who walk—or hope to walk—their own path. She says, "Trickster Deities support people of any religion and invite everyone to join in holy silliness, because it connects us to self, community, cosmos, and the Divine. Stardrenched!"

Acclaim for Share My Insanity and Francesca De Grandis

Francesca De Grandis is the court jester of the Goddess community. —Carl McColman, author of The Well-Read Witch

While protesting at the Wisconsin Capitol, I was also in the middle of my own personal upheavals[Share My Insanity] helped me to make sense of all the inner and outer turmoiland pointed a way to finding balance again. —Kat Anderson

If you're tired of thinking no one understands you, read Share My Insanity. You're not alone. —MaryColleen MacDougall, President Emeritus Interfaith Council of Franklin Co Massachusetts

Share My Insanity helps entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, artists, and people from many other walks of life achieve major goals with serenity, joy, and self-love. —Beverly Macy, Author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

[Francesca] is not intimidated by the ignorance, bigotry, and small-mindedness of other people, and she teaches her readers the same supreme self-confidence with wisdom, compassion, and a great deal of humor. —Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

Francesca De Grandis made numerous breakthroughs…her insightful research in anthropology led to her innovative work in the modalities of healing. —S.S. Kush, Professor of Anthropology

[She has] psychologically sound respect for the complexity of human processThe techniques Francesca teaches for spiritual growth and healing of psyche, soma, and soul are creative and powerful. —Adrienne Amundsen, Ph.D., and clinical psychologist

Everyone is crazy. We all have our struggles. We all need this book. This includes people with mental disabilities, their caretakers, and loved ones. —Angela Terhune, Para Educator, Severe Mental Handicap Classroom, Middle School

Some will condescendingly rush to defend us [people with mental disabilities] from Share My Insanity. Francesca's work has contributed to my mental health like nothing else has. Nothing replaces therapy and meds, but she helped save my butt, and my therapist approves. —Tyler Gray, diagnosed with Bipolar Type I, and Panic Disorder

Francesca, you have something very special to offer to the world. [Housebound with physical disabilities,] your home is the center—but not the boundary—of your love. You certainly reach out great distances to touch many people. —Steve Aschmann, Unitarian Universalist minister

I've been spiritually alienated by books that espouse one right way of being. But Francesca's different. She doesn't try to force a square peg into a round hole. Share My Insanity gives me a sense of connection and contentmentIt's real—it's an intimate conversation with FrancescaI felt at home and accepted. —Ljot Lokadis, gender performer

Francesca sees the world through the eyes of a wise spiritual master, a sadhu, a shaman. And she writes in the voice of a renegade, a wild woman, a trickster, a sacred clown. The resulting combination of her profound sensibility and wacky lunacy is irresistible and transformative. —Donna Henes, Author The Queen of My Self

Available on Amazon And Barnes and Noble
Retailers, Share My Insanity is distributed by Ingram. ISBN: 978-1-935052-53-1