Submission Guidelines for The Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire of Francesca De Grandis:

I thank you in advance for following my submission guidelines. Without them, there will be too much unnecessary work and I'll go crazy and wander the hillside looking for fresh blood. Just kidding! But these guidelines spare us endless letters back and forth, which I don't have time for if I'm going to find fresh blood :-) and also avoid mistakes in your piece should I publish it. So:

1. Articles must be no longer than 450 words including title and author credit, as well as an author bio after the article should you choose to add one.

2. Articles might be edited. Poems will not. Rites will not, except for their prose sections, such as instructions. You will not see the edit until the piece is published on the site. I hate this but I don't have time to converse about editing and still get *my* writing done.

3. Send me this exact sentence: "Please credit [name, professional or religious title if you want] as the author of this piece." If you want to be anonymous, fill in the blank with "anonymous."

4. If you want a bio at the end of your piece, precede the bio with these words: "This is the bio:" After the bio, please write "end of bio" or your automatically generated signature or other comments addressed privately to me could end up on the WWW for all to see. Bio must be no more than a short paragraph, three-four sentences. Site links cannot be included in bios, but, even better, I will put your link on my link page. Just email me your URL and site description which I will cut and paste, then edit.

5. Authors retain copyright of their work. If you want a copyright notice on your piece, please add it as part of your word count.

6. I consider one piece per author at a time. Until your submitted piece is on my site or rejected, please do not submit another.

7. Do not complain if it takes forever to hear from me. Instead, please understand that I, and what helpers might be available at any given time, get a lot done in too little time with too little help for *no* remuneration. I wish I was faster, and had more arms. Hire me an assistant.

8. Only submissions that follow these guidelines will be read. Um, well, you don't have to hire me an assistant. Instead, find me funding for a hard copy magazine!

Thank you for your submission. Yes, indeed! I hope my grimoire will continue to be a venue for odd visionaries. :-)

Yours in the Service of the Old Gods,

Francesca De Grandis

Copyright, Francesca De Grandis. All rights reserved. No part of this publication -- this web page and its related pages -- may be reproduced without written permission. Copyright reverts to author.

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