Be a Teen Goddess!
Magical Charms, Spells, and
Wiccan Wisdom for the Wild Ride of Life

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Find your magic!

(Available everywhere, April 2005!)

Calling all teen Goddesses & Gods -- it's time to get the rite stuff!

So who wouldn't want to have the power to stand up to the soul-crushing mean girl, catch the eye of the local shy-hottie, ace that chemistry test, or even banish zits? Who wouldn't want to be a teen Goddess or God? Modern Wicca has nothing to do with brooding over hexes (that's so last season), struggling with indecipherable-and irrelevant-chants, or brewing foul-smelling potions in your basement. It's empowering, inspiring, and positive. It's about trusting your own wisdom and drawing on the enormous powers that are in you-yes, you-to enrich your inner and outer life, from feeling more confident to navigating romance, popularity, parents, friends, and school. What's not to love?

To tap into your incredible power and become a first-rate witch, you need some serious tools and knowledge, and that's where Francesca De Grandis comes in. A second-generation witch, Francesca is a wise, friendly guide on your magical journey. She'll provide you with the essential spells, charms, invocations, rituals-plus plenty of down-to-earth advice-that will help you become the utterly divine being you were meant to be.

Celebrate your witchy self and learn how to:

  • Cast simple, effective spells for success, love, safety, and protection

  • Get over the jerk when romance goes sour

  • Find out if it's true love or truly a disaster 

  • Stop harmful gossip, handle cliques, get out of bad situations, and unleash your inner bitch witch when necessary
    Say sayonara to fears and insecurities that keep you from getting what you want

    And much more!

    Francesca De Grandis

    Photos: Brian Peterson

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    Praise for Francesca De Grandis and her work

    "Francesca rocks!" -- Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, author, with the Grey Council, of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

    "De Grandis knows her stuff . . . I have known her for many years and respect her as a Witch, writer, teacher, and person." -- Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance

    Be a Teen Goddess!
    by Francesca De Grandis
    (Citadel Press, ISBN 0806526513, $12.95 pb)

    Copyright 2005, Francesca De Grandis.

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