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Yule Invocations - 1994
by Obsidiana

These invocations were written for Yule following the loss of someone very dear to me.

Great Goddess, I call on you this Solstice Night, I invoke your presence to be with me on this longest night, in this time - the dark night of my soul. May I find awareness of your presence, your love, guidance and protection, even when my senses do not perceive your presence, as at the Dark of Moon. Help me find my way through the utter blackness. Help me face the pain I don't want to feel by reminding me that the pain itself is a light in the dark. As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, the pain of loss is a reflection of the love that is behind me. That light will never go out; its reflection will always be cast in my heart. In perfect love and perfect trust, I greet you!

O, Great God, Lord of Light and Life, I call on you this Solstice Night. I await your rebirth after this long dark night. Help me understand that the wheel turns in its continuous cycle, no endings and no beginnings, a never-ending circle with changes to mark the revolutions of the wheel. Allow me to appreciate and celebrate the light in my life each day as it comes, without the fear and apprehension of the darkness that follows as the wheel turns. Let me learn that the light that shines in my life, no matter how temporary, may cause pain when it is extinguished, but that it also nourishes and strengthens me so I may endure the darkness. In perfect love and perfect trust, I greet you!

by armour garland

     crooked men
     have touched you
     earth of your body shudders and kills
                    dust settles in the garden.
my name is everyone's name     the living & dead,
     through yours
my blood wants to be
      dust, earth freeing
the people from the fissure
     and stone,
     & from the men.
crooked men have touched you &
     they are telling your children right now
               "die each day
     in order that we may live", the men
     who have only tasted machines,
      who have only broken you open
                 tasting surface, & told
     your children
                 to live
     in houses built by men
barely covering their heads, told them w/ honor
           to live in houses
built on your body, bruises & sores left after
     the men had raped you, leading
           your children to live
                  & dance on the weakest spots
of your flesh, the weak & broken earth, &
not knowing the body was bleeding.

i want to use my blood
                to close the mouthes of men

Copyright 2001 by armour garland.

armour garland, b.1978; Poet, Composer, Singer/Songwriter, Co-Editor of Calliope Press, North Beach, San Francisco. Author of 3 chapbooks; working on 3 larger poetry manuscripts, a novel, and a number of Lo-Fi musical projects under the name GirlChocolate.

by Annie Finch

When mother Eve took the first apple down
from the tree that grew where nature's heart had been
and came tumbling, circling, rosy, into sin,
which goddesses were lost, and which were found?
What spirals moved in pity and unwound
across our mother's body with the spin
of planets lost for us and all her kin?
What serpents curved their mouths into a frown,
but left their bodies twined in us like threads
that lead us back to her? Her presence warms,
and if I follow closely through the maze,
it is to where her remembered reaching spreads
in branching gifts, it is to her reaching arms
that I reach, as if for something near to praise.

Annie Finch's books of poetry include Eve; the forthcoming epic poem Marie Moving; and Calendars (a 2000 National Poetry Series finalist). She has also written and edited several books about poetry. She is Associate Professor at Miami University of Ohio.

Victoria Wisdom is the author of this next, and untitled, piece.

Words gone unspoken:
To my lover:

You gratify me like dirt.
I want to sink into you
and be.
Just be.

You are compost
brimming with life
and your breath is sweet.
I am drunk with ecstasy.
We are one.

The sun, the moon, clouds and rain,
microbes and insects take and give back again.
You in me and I in you.
We are both together.
In the compost
in the sun
in the rain.
Together as one,
distinct and different
yet at one remain.

The sun, the moon, the clouds and rain,
cycles of life and death.
apart -- together
together an exhilaration
Now together

Stars shine from long ago and far away.
The planets reflect the Sun;
they go forward and retrograde.
We embrace with melting desire.
For a season we rest,
but never retreat
Never far from the other.

Yoga Mudra
by Carrie Vadnais

My body is a gateway
A dam
A guardian
A sphinx

Pulls tight - shut and protect all of my self
Allowed to relax,
Permits entry to the valid claim
Given permission, it allows the flow

Talker is breath-watcher
Body relaxed is a key to the gate
Mind controls and watches breath
Godself is free to dance.

To dance with Krishna,
Dian y Glas,
The Blue God with the sweetest flute,
Itself - to join with and Be the whole of It-Self,
And dance.
To share love, joy and ecstasy;
Three souls, aligned and clear.

My body is a gateway, a sphinx.
Can you answer the riddle?

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