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Growing Spell

by Jane Lind

This was inspired by a friend wanting to conceive a child. With some simple adaptations, it can work well for any kind of familial abundance.

When you work the spell, have everything assembled that you need. (Water, salt, a green candle, a square of fabric, string, incense and charm herbs, incense charcoal, edible seeds, bowls, Cakes & Wine, etc.) Read through the spell, so you understand all of it, but don't try to memorize it.

Cast your circle, or otherwise set up your sacred space as you usually do. While within your sacred space, light the green candle.

Visualizing your desire, blend these 9 herbs for your charm (leaving some aside to burn as incense)
1: Rose petals
2: Sage
3: Grape
4: Horsetail
5: Hawthorne
6: Mustard Seed
7: Poppy seeds
8: Jasmine
9: Cinnamon (or any other herb that you associate with your lineage)

The order in which you blend them isn't important, nor is the quantity, as long as there is some of each. (For a simpler formula, you may use 5 herbs: Rose, Sage, Mustard Seed, Poppy Seed, and Cinnamon (or other herb of your choosing).

Put some of the mixture on your charcoal to burn, and put some in the center of your square of fabric. (Any leftover blend may be used for incense later) Tie your string loosely (for now) to make a pouch. Hold the pouch in your writing hand and say the following, to the appropriate direction:

facing North

I vow to help myself Grow.
I vow to help my husband* Grow.
I vow to help my family Grow.

facing East

I vow to help myself Learn.
I vow to help my husband Learn.
I vow to help my family Learn.

Facing South

I vow to keep myself Healthy.
I vow to help keep my husband Healthy.
I vow to help keep my family Healthy.

Facing West

I vow to love myself.
I vow to love my Husband.
I vow to love my Family.

Thank you.

*Wife, Consort, coven, etc.

Tie the string tightly around the charm, using four knots.

Blend the three seeds (Carrot, poppy & sunflower) together. Eat a bit now, and (if possible) keep them on or near your altar to eat some of them each day.

(For a simpler spell, use one seed - either the poppy or sunflower.)

Have Cakes & Wine (a bit of food and drink, which need not be alcoholic)

Open your circle, (or perform comparable act) ground and eat something more - a meal, a sandwich, something with some substance. Live happily and with abundance!

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