Be Happy Writing -- And Sell What You Write!

"I hate writing. But I love having written."
--Attributed to various writers, from Mark Twain to Dorothy Parker

Doubt, procrastination, and fear of criticism are the demons that bedevil every writer's creativity -- and productivity. Everyone takes it on faith that writing is notoriously painful, difficult work, even for the best writers.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Writing CAN be fun -- if you know the mental and emotional techniques that keep the juices flowing. This four-week course empowers you to take on those demons, while writing in a way that's true to your own soul. In a gentle, personal, and supportive environment, poet and HarperCollins author Francesca De Grandis will show you how to:

Develop confidence in your own unique voice
Trust the importance of what you have to say
Get yourself going-- and then keep going until you've got a marketable piece
Find an audience of people who want to read your writing, and will pay to see it
Work with an agent
Get the latest information on what book publishers are looking for

The class, held in San Francisco, Ca., meets once a week for four weeks, includes three at-home writing assignments, in addition to in-class exercises and critiques. Classes are limited to eight people, to create an intimate and trusting environment that will support your most creative efforts.

The fee for the four-week session is $200. A new session will start Oct. 14, 7 PM. To find out more about this unique workshop, call


Francesca De Grandis is a dynamic and motivating writer and speaker. Her second book, Be a Goddess will be released by HarperCollins in Spring 1998. (And yes, she is quite happy with the advance she received.) Her writing has appeared in widely diverse magazines ranging from Sequoia, the Stanford literary journal; to Green Egg, a journal of the awakening earth. Francesca has been featured on NPR, and served as a frequent guest and host on KGO. She has lectured throughout the USA and UK since 1975.

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